What would a Thresh look like with a CDR build?

thresh build

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Each League of Legends champion keeps their own secrets. There are times when we can use unconventional objects to completely change this character. In ARAM you often see this type of less orthodox object constructions. Howevera Thresh player decided to try a build a bit different on Summoner’s Rift.

This time we are faced with a construction that will seek to allow the champion to use his abilities all the time. Come on, a build speed based skills which will make Thresh able to use his [Q] – Death warrant and [E] – Skinning at all times, preventing their rivals from moving from the site and, therefore, falling into certain death.

so is the build Thresh’s CDR

Far from being a build which only uses abilities, also has considerable damage. In this video you can see that he gives good blows to a Renekton who is not able to move during the entire play. After sharing this video, the player revealed all the buildfrom items to runes. All this to give clues to other players so that they can also use this Thresh in their games.

The first thing is to use the glacial rise as main rune. We find ourselves before a support It stands out for being aggressive and more so with this type of construction, so it will need to slow down its enemies. After that come the items. First will be the Boots of lucidityfollowed by shurelya and the convergence of Zeke. From there, this player indicates that we will have to decide ourselves.

Although we are not faced with a build What should we use in a rankedYes, we can play it with our friends in normal games. Once we have it complete and we manage to catch an opponent, he will not be able to get rid of us since Thresh will be hitting him with his [Q] and his [E] at all times.

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