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the actress megan fox he has won many fanatics thanks to his beauty and sensuality, in addition to his enormous talent for acting in successful films such as “Transformers”.

Although it is somewhat removed from the world of the show, it has recently returned to be on “everyone’s lips”, but not because it is relevant, but because internet users have just discovered its “twin” on social networks.

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we talk about taylor ryana beautiful model that has become a whole sensation due to her great resemblance to Megan Fox, in addition to also presenting similarities with Miley Cyrus.

Aware of these comparisons, Taylor Ryan decided to explore this opportunity and call himself “La Versión de Deseo de Megan Fox y Miley Cyrus”according to the Marca diary.

Through TikTok, the model has shared videos showing her great resemblance to both women in the show. Asimismo, she has created an account in OnlyFansthe content payment platform for adults, from where it has gone up more than a thousand images and 218 videos.

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This model’s resemblance to Megan Fox has drawn so much attention from Internet users that they even asked to dress like her, earning $300 for fulfilling such a fantasy.

“Once someone asked me to put on the same outfit wearing Megan Fox, a bra and mesh shorts to fold me over the hood and open it. They paid 300 dollars”he assured in an interview.

According to the criteria of

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