Lead Designer of League of Legends MMO leaves the project and worries players about the development of the game

For the 10th anniversary of Riot Games, the company announced the expansion of the League of Legends universe with new video games, and, in addition to Valorant, a non-Runeterra game, different projects were announced: Legends of Runaterra, Ruined King, The Mageseeker , a fighting game codenamed Project L, and an MMO that would further expand the lore of LoL, but about which there has been little information and lately it has caused concern among stakeholders after two important figures left the project.

At the beginning of March, a first alert was raised in the Riot MMO after Marc Merrill, president and co-founder of the company, announced that ghostcrawler, appointed executive producer for the MMO, decided to leave Riot, thereby leaving the project, with the intention of spending more time with his family. This news worried fans of the League of Legends universe, but they were quickly calmed down by Ghostcrawler, who warned that the project was in good hands and that its development would continue. Now, the doubts of the enigmatic MMO surface again, since Justin Hanson ‘Xenogenic’, lead designer, announced that he is also leaving Riot Games.

“Today is my last day at Riot. Emotions are one hell of a thing. Very sad to be leaving, on the one hand, but excited for a new adventure on the other.” he says in Twitter Xenogenic. “The MMO team is absolutely world class. It has been a great honor to be able to be a part of this.” In addition to the bad news, Hanson sends messages to League of Legends players, a game in which his culminating point was to achieve the reworks of Nunu and Mordekaiser, and to those of Valorant, a game in which he actively participated in its development.

The departure of two important workers from the Riot Games MMO project in such a short time worries fans of the Runeterra universe, especially considering the lack of information about the progress of the video game. These abandonments usually occur when the projects are already advanced or about to be published, but, in the case of this MMO of which nothing is known after four years of its announcement, Fears grow that the idea will fail.

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