New series based on the universe of Anne Rice, from ‘Interview with the Vampire’, is in development

According to deadlineThe AMC is officially developing a new series based on the supernatural universe created by the author Anne Ricewhich already has ‘The Mayfair Witches‘ It is ‘Interview with the Vampire‘.

The production will focus on the Order of Talamasca, a secret organization that exists not only in the literary universe of Riceas well as in both adaptations of the AMC.

Talamasca is a mystery society that seeks to research, observe and record paranormal activity, including witches, spirits, werewolves and vampires. They were considered by the author herself as “psychic detectives”.

John Lee Hancock (‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’) will pen the script, in addition to serving as showrunner.

Previously, the executive producer Mark Johnson had already indicated the development of new projects based on the books of Anne Rice.

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“We are developing three other projects (based on Anne Rice’s books), but they are all different. People ask me what these stories have in common, and I believe it’s the characters she created. Her vampires, contrary to what we are used to, are very human. There is no divide between vampires and humans. They are humans who are also vampires. They suffer from the loss of love, and the lack of love and friendship.”

He completes, “Some of these stories have the same themes. In ‘The Mayfair Witches’, there are many possibilities to be explored. Can we do a show focused on Lasher or Fang Gang? There is no book about the Talamasca (society), and I feel this could make a great series. They are in charge of monitoring extraordinary events and creatures, but not getting involved – just observing.”

This Spaulding (‘Masters of Sex’) and Michelle Ashford (‘The Pacific’) are writing the script, in addition to serving as executive producers.

The plot focuses on a young neurosurgeon who discovers that she is the unlikely heiress of a family of witches. As she tries to understand her powers, she must face a sinister presence that has haunted her family for generations.

Alexandra Daddario (‘The White Lotus’) stars in the production. The cast still has Harry Hamlin, Annabeth Gish, Tongayi Chirisa, beth grant, Erica Gimpel, Jen Richards It is Maura Grace Athari.

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