Niantic deletes a controversial Pokémon GO tweet in the face of a wave of criticism

Niantic seems to want to continue turning against his faithful community of players of Pokémon GO. If a few weeks ago we told you how the community received the change to remote raids very negatively, because they have received more limitations and now buying passes for them is more expensivetoday we bring you a very striking case in networks, since recently the company has had to delete a controversial tweet for allusions after receiving an avalanche of criticism.

Niantic deletes a controversial tweet about playing Pokémon GO on the street

The tweet in question that Niantic saw forced to delete to calm down (you can see it in the screenshot below) was published yesterday in the official count of the company on Twitter. It said the following: “‘Play Outside’ reviews are at: 95% / 100%”

The phrase for the vast majority did not make any kind of sense, because it seemed like a somewhat absurd allusion for de side of the company flaunting that the community has welcomed the idea of ​​going out to play Pokémon GO very positively, when in reality in recent weeks it is the opposite.

The truth is that since the announcement of the price increase for remote raids and the new limitations on this mechanic, the vast majority of players have asked Niantic to reconsider these changes and return to the previous state from the same. You just have to remember that on platforms like a petition with thousands of signatures was carried out so that the company take into account this unanimous requestbut Niantic does not seem that it is going to change its mind and continues in its thirteen.

Niantic’s tweet generated over 400 responses in just 2 hoursbut the company did not take long to delete it without mentioning this fact.

The controversial tweet mentioned It didn’t take long for him to generate an avalanche of criticism.. Although now all these have been lost due to the rapid action of the company deleting the publication. As we can see from the rescued catch, the tweet had generated in just 2 hours more than 400 responses of which it is assured that the vast majority were negative reactions.

Logically, the company has deleted the tweet without saying a word, and they have not mentioned this. The next move of the company remains to be seen, but of course, no one would say that they care about hear your community.

Pokémon GOis available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details about the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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