Pokémon GO Players Say Niantic “Is Killing The Game” And Many Are Uninstalling It

The Pokémon GO community have had difficult weeks due to the measures that Niantic has taken, such as the increase in the price of remote raid passes, which had been implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic so that players did not go out from their homes and were in danger of becoming infected. Passes that allow players to participate in a battle against a raid boss pokémon and defeat it for its capture, without having to be in the physical vicinity of a Gym.

And because of all these company decisions, gamers have already gone from first showing anger to downright pessimism, feeling disappointed in their favorite game. Something that has begun to be shared in various gaming media such as 3DJuegos, where they quote a player who says that “they are really killing the game, I see very few players now. Very sad.”

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Statement that can be verified by visiting the site https://activeplayer.io/pokemon-go/, where you can see the active users of the game, just like those of previous months. Platform that shows that indeed, Pokémon GO has begun to lose players since the end of March 2023, which despite being a low number, is something that has not happened since December of last year.

A situation that is also shared by another player from Canada, who says that he lives in the center of Toronto, which is the largest city in that country and that he has “not been able to find a single person in a raid all weekend ”.

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