Review: Ana de Armas and Chris Evans’ charisma set the tone for the action film

After stealing scenes and acting together in Between Knives and Secrets there in 2019, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans did many other separate projects. Evans took leave of Captain America, did a series on Apple itself, gave voice to the Buzz Lightyear (but not that Buzz we knew) and much more. De Armas already did bondwas nominated for an Oscar for blondeand also much more.

The duo made one of the most expensive action films together, and after a while, they are again in a new action comedy, now for Apple, in partnership with the producer Skydance, called Ghosted: No Answer (Ghosted, 2023).

And what an interesting project for the two actors to work on together, once again. Why what do we have here with Ghosted it is clearly a film about how opposites attract and that clearly only works if we have two actors with a certain professional intimacy to make it work and happen, after all, chemistry on screen is a simple thing: Either you have it, or you don’t, you don’t you can pretend, or you can’t create yourself overnight.

And look, De Armas and Evans have that in spades, and that’s kind of what it does. Ghosted succeed.

Ana de Armas in a scene from Ghosted
Photo: Courtesy Of Apple Studios/Skydance. All Rights Reserved.

Forget the crazy beating of John Wickyou’ll really want to send a fire in the DM of this movie, if you like romantic comedies and action movies, of course.

The director Dexter Fletcher it follows well the booklets of films of the genre as the consecrated Mr. & Smith (2005), Perfect match (2010), War is war (2012) and even the recent Casamento Armado (2022), for you to see how cinema is always cyclical and always returns to productions that worked at some point.

Between scenes of chases and explosions here and there, Fletcher puts two characters with completely opposite personalities, and two good actors to give life to them, to tell this story that involves international conspiracies, dangerous artifacts that can cause great damage if they fall into the hands wrong, trips to different corners of the world, and of course, a funny text full of good nods to what happens when these two lovebirds decide to discuss their relationship while being pursued by the worst kind of bandits, and by basically everyone who works with intelligence in the movie.

Oh, and basically everyone is in this movie too. You cameosthe special participation of Ghosted are just the icing on the cake that crowns this action-comedy. It’s as if at every moment you drag it to the side in the hope of seeing who will be the new familiar Hollywood face appear on screen. And look what a movie has many, many familiar names who say hello, make a joke and then quickly disappear, just like, the mysterious but witty Sadie (Of Weapons) does, after she and Cole (Evans) they go out for coffee on the same day they meet and discuss plants at a fair on any given afternoon.

And then coffee turns into a tour of the museum, a snack, a trip to karaoke and of course, something else, but needy Cole wouldn’t imagine he’d get lost from Sadie so soon after all that. And with the help of technology (it’s an Apple movie after all!), he sets out on a trip to London to surprise Sadie.

thing of stalker or a romantic gesture? Is that Cole’s family (Tate Donovan, Lizze Broadway and Amy Sedaris) discusses before he leaves the farm he lives with his parents for Europe. On this question, I leave it to you readers to debate!

Until disguised bandits capture him and the adventure of Ghostedeffectively, begins, when we discover that Sadie works for the CIA and was in the country on a mission.

Chris Evans in a scene from Ghosted
Photo: Courtesy Of Apple Studios/Skydance. All Rights Reserved.

The script written by four hands, with the team formed by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommersmanages to unite the action and explosion scenes that are very cool (especially one that takes place in a fully decorated bus in Pakistan) with this story of global espionage.

And of course, with that more romantic side that Ghosted merges here, as this new relationship develops and is nurtured (just like the plants that are always the subject of discussion in the film) as Sadie and Cole have the worst, and most dangerous, “encounters” possible, when they (want to) say she needs to save his life) need to save their lives when the criminals led by Leveque (Adrian Brody) and his henchman Wagner (Mike Moh) are looking for a password to open a briefcase that contains a chemical weapon that is about to be sold to not very nice people.

And this all leads us to the classic spy-movie type of plot: wild chases, betrayals, villains speaking their plans instead of actually putting them into practice, disguises, and negotiations in the middle of restaurants full of guns and menacing glares. Nothing new, nothing surprising and that will reinvent the genre, but how well it works for Ghosted!

It’s proof that De Armas can do comedy (she even hosted the humorous SNL the week before the movie came out on Apple). It’s Evans’ return to the genre he dominated (with A Nanny’s Diary in 2007, for example) before joining the world of superheroes, be like Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four or like the legendary captain America then come back in What’s your Number? in 2011, where he then had to leave comedies a little aside by doing zillions of Marvel movies as the leading hero of the Avengers.

In the end, it is the well-inspired text that Ghosted delivers, combined with, as we said, the charisma of De Armas and Evans, which dictate the pace of the film, which, although it is very square in how it tells this story, delivers in the most fun and funny as possible. And for a streaming movie, which has no pretensions to be taken seriously, Ghosted entertains like a real feature film from the 2000s entertained. And it’s all right. Would see again and again. For the streaming algorithm, based on hours seen, this is gold.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

where to watch Ghosted: No Answer?

Ghosted: No Answer arrives on AppleTV+ on April 21.

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