Ubisoft may have canceled the Splinter Cell battle royale

A shame, as it could have been interesting.

Ubisoft may have canceled the Splinter Cell battle royale
Promotional image of the Splinter Cell franchise, to which this supposed canceled battle royale belonged.

The battle royale genre had a considerable heyday, with a number of titles coming out, and many of them managed to succeed, but unfortunately, this was not the case for all. Curiously, today there are few battle royale games that manage to stay on the market, something that is mainly due to the drop in popularity of this type of video game, in addition to the great control that the big ones have over the market, such as they can be Fortnite, Apex and Warzone. Already if we talk about launching new titles belonging to this genrewe can imagine what will probably happen.

Curiously, today we have to talk about the possible cancellation of a battle royale by Ubisoft, and we can say that the French company has some experience in it, given that we can not forget the case of Hyper Scape (game of which we brought you his impressions), a title that arrived without pain or glory, and that today the servers are already closed.

Now we have to talk about a game that could have proposed a lot, and that is that we are talking about a Splinter Cells battle royale, but that could have been cancelled, something that to be honest seems to be common within Ubisoft.

sam fisher

This game would belong to the Splinter Cell franchise.

A game that seems to never see the light

Specifically, all this information comes from an alleged tester who has shared data of all kinds about this game, which would be called Splinter Cell Hunters. We have been able to know this thanks to a Reddit post, in which we can find a screenshot with everything mentioned, since the original 4Chan thread has been deleted.

in this thread many things about the game are explainedsuch as the fact that they would be 28-player games, and that we would be tasked with finding certain valuables around the map, while fighting against other players (who would be grouped in duos) and artificial intelligences.

All this does not matter much, since, according to this tester, Ubisoft completely canceled the project (which could have the potential to be a great multiplayer game), and this just a few weeks after it was officially announced.

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