Aquaman 2 has been screened 7 times

DC plans a major overhaul of its films with the new DC Studios, headed by James Gunn and Peter Safran. However, even with the announcements of ten productions, the company has the release of three more films ahead: The Flash, Blue Beetle It is aquaman 2.

In February, aquaman 2 had its first test sessions shown and the reception does not seem to have been as expected. According to some sources, many spectators even left the booths before the end of the film. In the face of failure, DC is making changes to the final sequence of the film.

Entitled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the film has been in post-production since January 2022 and, according to World of Reel, more than seven versions of the feature have already been shown in test sessions. Last year, it was revealed that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav didn’t like what he saw of the film.

aquaman 2 there are reshoots and it has not ended production yet

According to KC Walsh, aquaman 2or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, underwent several changes in February, with new editions and reshoots. The information meets the news that the feature continues to be tested with different versions.

“All the test screenings had unfinished visual effects, and nobody left (the room). The main problem was that they completely changed the story and villains. It’s not the same film you’ve tested the last four times.”

According to information from KC Walsh, Black Manta had his role completely recast in the last version shown. The villainous “motivation” of the character would be the encounter with a possessed trident, but, apparently, this idea was completely discarded in the current version.

Among the reasons for the widespread negative reaction is the presence of Amber Heard, an actress who was involved in a high-profile legal case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. After a period of uncertainty, James Gunn and Peter Safran have confirmed Jason Momoa’s future presence within the DC Universe.

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