Fortnite announces the long-awaited improvement for Creative 2.0

Fortnite returns to turn to its community, and just a month after the launch of UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite), comes a succulent and highly demanded improvement for the maps of this commonly called Creative 2.0.

Epic Games was determined to revolutionize the way creators are supported, and so they created a new way to earn money thanks to the maps created. Since then, it is no longer necessary to ask for a creator code and for players to activate it when they make purchases, instead the maps will be monetized based on how much people play it.

Now it’s up to the players to receive a prize, because We can already gain experience in the creative maps of Unreal Editor for Fortnite. So we can have a much more complete experience, and incidentally complete that weekly mission that gives us a plus of XP to what has already been received by the creative map.

«Whether you’re jumping out of the Battle Bus, or playing your favorite creator-made experiences, Earn XP anywhere in Fortnite!» read the motto of Epic Games, announcing what many asked for from the first day of the arrival of this Creative 2.0.

UEFN takes another small step in its adaptation within the battle royale of Epic Games, and it gives players more life to be able to enjoy some such fantastic maps while also getting some experience, thus scratching a few more levels of the battle pass, and for both getting skins and the rest of the rewards that we find thanks to the stars obtained with each upload.

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