Fortnite could return to iOS devices due to this move by Apple

Fortnite could have its return to Apple devices close.

Fortnite could return to iOS devices due to this move by Apple
Fortnite continues to capture a large part of the public.

Fortnite is the Epic shooter that since its inception, It has managed to captivate millions of players. This Battle Royale offered us something characteristic during the day of its departure, and it has been the construction that the game offered. Over time, Fortnite has evolved and offered different game modes such as a first-person mode, which would be coming to the game and yes, also on different platforms, consoles, PC, Android… And now it is possible that iOS .

A while ago, the company Epic Games started a battle against Apple to bring Fortnite to iOS and thus avoid the commission that the company that created the iPhone takes each time a transaction is made on its platform. While it seemed at first that Epic had lost that judgment, after a while it seems that they have really gotten what they wanted.

Fortnite may return to iOS very soon

With the arrival of With the new iOS 17 update, Apple will allow iPhone users to install apps from outside the App Store. Thanks to this, developers of video games or any application will have another way to offer their products and thus save, finally, the 15% or 30% commission that Apple receives for each transaction made in the App Store. We know all this thanks to the information provided by Bloomberg.

It seems a bit contradictory that after fighting with Epic so that this did not become real, now it is the Apple company itself that decides to take this step. For what is this? Well, the answer is very simple, and as you can imagine, It has to do with the regulations of the European Union. This victory of the Apple trial took place in the United States, however, in Europe it is another story.


Fortnite has been the home of countless collaborations.

On November 1, 2022 the European Union Digital Markets have indicated that companies like Apple have to open up their services and platforms to other developers and companies. Therefore, if they want to continue operating in the European Union they have to comply with this requirement, which is why they have decided to do so in the next iOS update.

This means that the company will no longer have complete control over all the apps that come onto their devices. Therefore, it is likely that with this decision Fortnite will once again have its place on Apple devices. We remind you that update 17 could arrive sometime in the next few months. Also, remember that if you have talent making creations, now you can earn money thanks to the new Fortnite map creator.

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