Nadeshot and the possible return of 100 Thieves to Counter Strike

According to various international media, the launch of Counter-Strike 2 could bring in organizations that left, or were never, in the competitive scene of the shooter of Valve. These movements would be key to “saving” a scene from NA which has serious problems in terms of CS:GO. Nadeshot has spoken in the last podcast about this possible move. The CEO of 100 Thieves has assured that he would love to be in Counter-Strikebut “electronic sports are very expensive”highlights Matthew in relation to the expectations of those involved.

100 Thieves doesn’t completely rule out returning to Counter Strike

The former player himself call of duty ensures that a template of CS:GO it is very expensive to maintain due to all the trips that have to be made to Europe, location where most major events take place. This is one of the main reasons for the instability of the scene of NA. Said ecosystem would need more “flexibility” so that 100 Thieves can return to the shooter of valve. Despite this pessimism, Nadeshot does not close the doors to compete in Counter-Strike. However, the economy of organizations should go through a better time to take that step.

It is evident that 100 Thieves does not have a remarkable history in CS:GO, but it has had representation. Nadeshot’s organization has featured players like HEN1, fnx and even Jks in the project they bought the Renegades project. VALORANT keep being him shooter king in NAso a move towards Counter-Strike of an organization on that continent seems very complicated.

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