So you can detect those who roam in bushes

The players of Fortnite have devised a way to find campers within shrubbery without having to take a look inside them.

Fortnite has been around for a few years now, and has really found a way to make a name for itself in the battle royale genre. At first, what set it apart was the building mechanic, but now the game allows its players to do without it with the addition of Zero Construction Mode.

However, it still stands out for other quirks, like ridiculous skins, notorious emotes, and unique weapons and environmental features. Even though Fortnite has other game modes like Creative, it is best known for its battle royale game mode.

The main objective of a battle royale game is to be the last player alive and, in this case, to achieve a Victory Royale. Although Fortnite players are incentivized to take out enemies, they can also just wait and try to get to the top this way.

Since the early days, this has been a common strategy, especially before the Legendary Bush item came along. Although the Bush item has disappeared, the Bush Campers are still present in Fortnite, but they hide in the surrounding bushes; the only difference between the two is that these bushes are larger, but they cannot be moved.

Fortnite: So you can detect those who camp in bushes

Campers can be very annoying, and can sometimes even take the best of players by surprise and take them out with one shot. Fortnite players now use the new Lock On Pistol to find campers in their hideouts from afar.

With this pistol, the player can aim in a certain direction, and then it will lock onto an enemy target to ensure it hits. Therefore, since bushes are not structures and do not block shots, the weapon can lock onto a camper and detect it up to 50 meters away.

This doesn’t mean Fortnite bush-campers have to come up with a whole new strategy; they’ll just have to be careful if they see an enemy aiming their way with this futuristic gun.

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