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Team Vitality defeated Heroic and became champion of Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023, a tournament of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which distributes US$250,000. The winner of the competition took home US$100,000 and automatically qualified for IEM Cologne 2023.

The IEM Rio 2023 began on April 17 with top 16 CS:GO teams. The playoffs began on Friday the 21st from the Jeunesse Arena and Trade was able to attend since its inauguration. Now, the grand finale of the event was played between Heroic and Team Vitality in a best-of-three clash.


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IEM Rio 2023 Grand Final

first map

Vitality He started off strong, winning the first 4 rounds quickly. heroic He tried to wake up, but couldn’t for a considerable time. The Brazilian fans, present in the stadium, clearly support the French in the final, despite the attempt by Cadian, one of the members of the Norwegian team, to make amends with the public by carrying a Brazilian flag.

It should be remembered that heroic defeated Rage, the greatest Brazilian exponent in the competition who even received the support of Neymar. The home crowd rocked a party at the Jeunesse Arena every time their representatives played.

Despite being 6-1 below. heroic he re-enlisted in the game and eliminated the difference by evening rounds 7-7. After a short break, the Nordics managed to turn the score 10-8.

The end of the map was extremely interesting now. Neither of them lowered their arms in a tense encounter in which Brazilian music is heard in the background.

Drawing strength from weakness, Vitality they prevailed on the first map with a score of 16-13. He was able to turn the score around again and overcome the onslaught of the Norwegians. Apex was one of the highlights of the French.

second map

The second part began almost the same way, with Vitality taking advantage, but this time only for 2 rounds. Apparently, heroic He learned from the past map and did not give the French so many facilities at the beginning, in addition to reacting quickly.

Jabbi, one of the figures of heroic in this cup in Rio de Janeiro, he brought out his precision and withstood the push of his rivals.

However, near the middle of the game, Vitality He returned to lead by 5 rounds (9-4). The figure of Apex once again took on relevance in this new air, the French being crowned as one of the ones that liquidated the most rivals.

Cadian equalized the actions 12-12 and the Brazilian public applauded him. In response and with humor, the Heroic gamer who put the Brazilian flag on his back danced as if in celebration of Ronaldinho.


Before the grand final on Sunday, April 23, a friendly game was played between Brazil and the rest of the world, which was cheered on by the fans present.

As already mentioned, the final of the tournament is debated between Team Heroic and Team Vitality. The match will be the best of three and the winner will earn US$100,000.

/ Diego Barrio de Mendoza

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