Find out everything that will happen in ‘Canta Comigo’

Find out everything that will happen in 'Canta Comigo'
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Filled with news, the reality musical goes on air today at 20:00.

If the premiere of the new season of ‘Canta Comigo’ was already a surprise, the public does not miss out on waiting for the second episode of reality, which airs today at 20:00. New competitors promise to leave the judges and Internet users divided, with good music and fun to end the weekend.

Tuned, the competitors bet on great hits by Clara Nunes, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many other national and international artists to impress the 100 judges.

Lovers of Brazilian music can see and hear hits such as: ‘Seu Amor Não É Tudo’, by the duo João Mineiro and Marciano; ‘Vices and Virtues’, by Charlie Brown Jr; ‘Luck that Cê Beija Bem’, by the sisters Maiara and Maraisa; ‘Tristeza Pé No Chão’, singer Clara Nunes; and ‘Levada Louca’, from Banda Eva.

But if you prefer themes sung in English, there are also sounds for all tastes:I Heard it Ghrough the Grapevine’, by Marvin Gaye; ‘You Are Not Alone’, of the king of pop Michael Jackson; ‘We Will Rock You’, by the band Queen; ‘Basket Case’ by Green Day; and ‘Greatest Love Of All’, of the eternal Whitney Houston.

In addition to the right choice in the repertoire, the new talents aim to thrill all the judges, who are sitting on a large illuminated panel with the mission of evaluating and commenting on the presentations. If any of them like the performancemay stand up and sing along with the contestant.

The greater the number of judges standing, the more points are accumulated – each person standing equals one point earned. The rhythms presented can be quite varied and the apex of the attraction happens when all of the jury stand up and form a single voice.

Watch the second episode of reality ‘Sing with me’, today at 20:00 (Lisbon/London time), on Record TV Europa.

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