Intel Extreme Masters: Let’s talk about this eSports tournament!

For many years, we have thought of sports at the competitive level where, primarily, athletes “show off their physical condition.” But recent generations have slowly shown that the concept has changed quite a bit!


Currently, the competitions are not necessarily one or more athletes who are in a scenario to exercise and measure their strength physically in an arena, court or playing field! Many of the matches have been transferred to digital scenarios, where athletes compete in various ways and the effort is no longer physical but mental, connectivity is essential, performance must be the best and latency has to be almost non-existent.

Fury vs Heroic Intel Extreme Masters 2023

Fury vs Heroic Intel Extreme Masters 2023

At the level of Electronic Sports or “eSports”, it is not only necessary to have mental speed, you must have the most complete equipment possible at the hardware level with the best connection to surpass the adversary. Thus, the parents of the new generations will surely be able to see their children succeed in ultra-competitive sports that, possibly, have not yet been invented and, in which they do not even need to sweat.

The dynamics of Intel Extreme Masters

The name of the video game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it is of the “shooter” type or multiplayer first-person shooter (5 participants per team) where there are two sides: terrorists and anti-terrorists.

Intel Extreme Masters scenario

Intel Extreme Masters scenario

Achieving a victory is simple (apparently), you only need to eliminate the opposing team. However, there are other necessary conditions to win, such as:

  • Eliminate or eradicate the opposing team from the map,
  • The terrorist team must plant the bomb within 1 minute 55 seconds and then make sure it detonates.
  • Counter-terrorists must avoid such a denotation to stay alive, either by avoiding the bomb being activated as such within 1 minute and 55 seconds, or by defusing it if it is already placed on the map.
  • The teams will play as terrorists initially and, at half time, they will become anti-terrorists.

The idea behind the game is as follows:

  • Each game consists of up to 30 rounds (first to 16 rounds, if both teams are tied 15-15, the game will go into “overtime” which is 6 additional rounds,
  • Now, if both teams are tied 3-3, there will be “Overtime” over and over again until there is a clear winner.

The previously described dynamic sounds simple, in theory but, in practice, the complexity is such that it leads to extensive international tournaments where the adrenaline does not stop being reflected both in the arena and in the public.

More details about eSports?

To go into more detail about eSports, we spoke with Bruno Shigemura, DCAI+NEX Area Marketing Director, with whom we had a very interesting conversation about this type of sports and tournaments such as Intel Extreme Masters.

Who was the winner of Intel Extreme Masters?

The competition was very close and the athletes (yes, although they don’t sweat, they are high-performance athletes trained and focused on winning the competition) gave their best but, finally, after many hours of playing the terrorist and counter-terrorist, Vitality by France prevailed over its opponent.

Vitality Champions

Vitality Champions

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