Overwatch 2: Blizzard advances changes and a package of reworks

Changes for Mei, Roadhog, and Sombra are still in the works while Lifeweaver and Moira would be the ones getting some very soon.

Blizzard continues to try to bring transparency to the Overwatch 2 community on hero changes and reworks. Some are still in the works and may take a while to confirm while others are in progress that we might see in future patches.

Alec Dawson, Hero Design Lead, advanced part of the plans for various characters in the hero shooter. They were revealed during a question and answer session held on content creator KarQ’s Twitch channel in collaboration with Eva Langwin.

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This is what has been highlighted during the report regarding the changes and reworks for the heroes of the Overwatch 2 roster:


The scientist has a few days to live but is still under the microscope of Blizzard. He mentioned that, like every new hero in the game, he has a higher pickrate and a lower winrate. He also has a important hitbox on its rear petals that leave him badly stopped in battles. To root out that problem, Dawson said it will take time to adjust and his change will be applied as soon as he’s ready.

He also justified the Farewell Gift removal with which, in general, it did not add much to the reading of his abilities. In fact, he advanced that, although they do not have plans for now, they may add a new passive so that that empty place that will remain of its resources is filled.


Dawson admitted to being happy with the current state of the scientist, of which they do not plan changes or any rework in the short term. However they are studying how give more utility to your current simplified game kit. He even remembered that in a discarded rework his orbs revealed the enemy’s position.

Reworks in progress


  • Cassidy (Magnetic Grenade)
    • He considers that his damage is fine but the launch range would be his current problem
  • Mei (main shot)
    • Previously targeted a slight nerf and possible switch to support hero. In the current report he refuted about his freezing an entire opponent but at the same time he would take advantage of greater mobility from it.
  • roadhog
    • He recalled again that they are still working on him and some ideas to make him fit better in the tank role
  • Shade
    • They will try to make it more “lethal” but it would have disadvantages in their escape routes

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  • New Hero (Season 6)
    • We could have a preview of the character for season 5 or half of it
  • Damage Role Passive
    • Beyond the acceleration of the recharge of weapons, they will seek that all the heroes that share the same can have a benefit that gives them a greater impact

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