Predecessor, the MOBA that reinvents Paragon, confirms versions on PlayStation

Omeda Studios has confirmed that predecessor will be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later this year. The MOBA is playable on PC with Early Access and the studio had mentioned its intention to release it on consoles, without further specification, so it is possible that it will be announced for Xbox in the future.

And what is predecessor? Is about a kind of remake that uses the material and content of Paragonwhich was a free multiplayer from Epic Games released on PS4 and PC in 2016. Two years later, and due to the overwhelming success of Fortnite Battle Royalethe studio refocused its teams and shut down the servers Paragonalthough they gave away their ‘assets’, which allows Omeda Studios to use them for this version.

The developer says it shows its commitment to give “the ultimate experience on consolescombining high-quality gameplay and features that have made PC Early Access a success,” as well as making specific optimizations for consoles.

With play and cross progress

Omeda Studios also confirms that it will have cross play and cross progressmaking it easier for users to play on PlayStation or PC with their same account “blurring the differences between platforms to ensure an accessible, competitive and complete experience for both veterans and newbies.”

It can already be added to the wish list on the PS Store and the studio promises to give more concrete news about the release date on PlayStation, a look at its features, as well as news “about other platforms”.

“Enter the captivating world of predecessorthe attractiveness Third-person MOBA that takes you into the heart of the exciting action“, the game is described. “Create your team of diverse heroes, each with unique abilities and roles, and collaborate with players from around the world in an exciting battle for dominance. Take on the hero of your choice and challenge your opponents with powerful melee combat or unleash precise ranged attacks. Navigate the mysterious jungle to ambush unsuspecting enemies or aid your team with powerful spells and auras. With plenty of tactical options and various items to customize your hero, you’ll always have the means to adapt and outsmart your opponents.”

“Advance with your favorite heroes to unlock rewards and collect a variety of skins and appearances to impress your friends and unsettle your enemies. Whether you’re an experienced MOBA player or new to the genre, predecessor offers a fun and immersive experience that will keep you hooked and wanting more“.

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