Riot Games did not dare to add it to League of Legends and now the creators of Dota have ‘stolen’ the idea: Valve continues to learn from its great competitors – League of Legends

The latest Dota 2 update has been massive and adds a canceled LoL element.

Although there have been much more bloody confrontations throughout the history of video games, it is undeniable that League of Legends and dota 2 They star in one of the most interesting rivalries of our times. Two very interesting games that They start from the same mod of Warcraft 3 and that they have not hesitated to look at each other to evolve. There’s nothing wrong with learning from the competition, because that only makes both titles better. However, there has always been a constant accusation that Riot Games ‘copied’ the original Dota. A situation that has now been turned around.

The biggest update in Dota history learns from League of Legends

Valve has presented The biggest update in the history of Dota 2. A patch that, of course, adds an infinite number of homegrown elements. However, this new version of the Valve video game also incorporates some traditional League of Legends features. The game map has been made 40% bigger to make room for elements that will sound familiar to fans of Riot Games. Now, for example, comes the Lotus Fountain. These sources grant fruits that the characters can eat to recover health and mana, similar to the Honeyfruit Plants that exist in LoL.

In general, League of Legends’ plant system has been reimagined for Dota 2 and they have even added magic doors in each of the bases that only the defending team can pass through. These elements, yes, have many original touches. For example, going back to fruits, here they can be accumulated to make them increase in size and obtain improved effects when we eat them. However, the element that has caught our attention the most is one that does not exist in the Riot Games video game for a very simple reason: the developers did not dare to add it because it forced much bigger changes to be made.

Dota 2 has added a magic door in each base that can only be used by the defending team

Dota 2 now has the Twin Gates, a system similar to Hextech Portals from League of Legends. The difference between how these elements work in both games is where on the map they come together. While in the Riot Games title these elements have limited tactical weight (except in fights for the Dragon or Baron) here they have become a key element of strategy. what they do is transport heroes from the bottom lane corner to the top lane corner. Something like if in LoL there was a ‘teleport’ between the bedrooms of each of the side streets.

Although not widely known, the introduction of this change was on the table for the start of Season 12 from League of Legends. Riot Phreakone of the developers most loved by the League of Legends community, assured that there was a version of Hextech portals that went from one alcove to another. It was in the company’s early tests, but was ultimately scrapped because “it was definitely too much.” In fact, the company considered adding it for the April Fools game mode, but they didn’t even dare in those circumstances.

The new Dota 2 map with its two portals. The large rock near them is Roshan’s spawn zone.

The problem is that making a change of these characteristics requires dare to modify the game at a much deeper level. The change made to Dota 2 to be able to introduce these chaotic portals is extraordinarily profound. Roshan, the equivalent of Baron Nashor, will now spawn in two areas of the map at the same time and both are located next to each of the entrances to this teleport. In addition, many areas of interest have been added in the vicinity of the Roshan pit. To a large extent, the aforementioned enlargement of the map size by 40% it’s just to be able to introduce this change.

Part of the charm of League of Legends is that it is simpler. However, this situation together with some technical limitations inherited from its creation in 2009 that make big changes more difficult, it prevents Riot Games from moving forward with changes that have incredible potential. It seems that it has not been until now that they are encouraged to “think outside the box” and change some elements of the game that seemed immune to the passage of time. For example, the developer thinks about the introduction of different minions for each line for the next season. I don’t believe in rivalries, but It’s nice to see how one game learns from the otherespecially since that way whatever our favorite is will end up being even better.

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