A Pokémon GO item appeared in the first trailer and is not in the game

niantic leaves Pokémon GO players intrigued, the title for mobile with Android and iOS it is missing an object that could be seen in its first trailer and that is not yet in the game.

For more than three minutes, the developer of the franchise created by The Pokémon Company and published since its inception in nintendo consoles.

A Reddit user has left an open thread on the pokemon go subreddit asking: “What is honey? It’s in the first trailer” and leave a screenshot to prove it.

It is true that during the 47th second of said video, a trainer in the real world select a Poké Ball and on both sides have other options like a Super Potion and this Honey.

But as another user has answered it, it may be a “early version of Incense, as Honey was used to attract Pokémon“.

And that’s right, since Diamond and Pearl (hence also in Brilliant Diamond and Glittering Pearl), this object was used in the trees to attract wild Pokémon or also in the tall grass.

This makes sense since Niantic could have given Pokémon GO a degree of immersionbut with the change to Incense they may bet more on a different approach.

Be that as it may, the trailer was published on websites such as YouTube on September 10, 2015. Yes, Pokémon GO is already 7 years old behind his back and it seems like yesterday that a summer of 2016 was released.

Shiny or Mega are not affected by incense, nor are Legendaries

This leaves Pokémon like Pikachu or Charizard no chance to taste the honey in the mobile game, but all is not lost.

Another user claims that the object “it’s still in the code. They haven’t done anything with it yet“, so everything could happen in the next few months now that many know that it exists.

Although the game would have said goodbye to many users before the changes in remote raids, just now that it is already possible to connect with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

It could all be with Niantic and now that this user has discovered a Pokémon GO item that appeared in the first trailer and is not yet in the game we may see it later.

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