BeryL believes that there is a serious problem with Yuumi’s design.

As time goes, There are more champions that are part of the League of Legends universe. Some arrive thanks to an expansion of the lore, but we’ve never seen them on Summoner’s Rift. Others instead end up being released in the MOBA, allowing players to enjoy them. With so much character, there are some that are much better designed than others. And here we have to talk about Yuumione of the most controversial champions of recent years.

Cho Geon-hee has commented on various aspects of the champion «BeryL«. He support de DRX is a great player and his quality with this champion is within the reach of very few. Nevertheless, you don’t seem to be entirely happy with your design. And this has been what she has commented in an interview, highlighting that this champion has a serious problem that is very difficult to solve.

BeryL is clear about what is happening with Yuumi

Thanks to Rita”@cutebchu» We have echoed these statements. What makes clear support of DRX is that Yuumi has two types of people around her: those who love it or those who hate it. There is no middle ground. «One point of view highlights that Yuumi is a charming champion and well designed. But, on the other hand, I think there are many elements that destroy those very charming aspects of the champion.“BeryL said.

Before the rework, Yuumi was a champion who needed to be hitting her [Q] all the time and heal your ally with the [E]. Once the laning phase was played well, then he simply had to get on the carry of the game and make him immortal. «Anyone can play Yuumi if they know who to stick with as the game progresses“, Add.

Far from all this BeryL believes that there is a serious problem with Yuumi that will not be easy to solve.. «On a personal level, I think that a champion that needs to go through so many adjustments brings up a real problem with character design.«, concluded the two-time world champion.

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