Juan Guarnizo explains his distance with Auronplay

Since the rise of content series began in 2020 between streamerswhen EGOLAND popularized doing collaborative and massive live shows, several groups of streamers with a lot of synergy with each other.

Even not so much groups, but couples of creators who spent a lot of time creating content together, be it in Minecraft series, GTA or playing games. randoms. Two of them, with great popularity, were Auronplay and Juan Guarnizo.

Two of the streamers largest on Twitch, with fandoms gigantic, very similar audiences and similar tastes; nothing could go wrong with a tandem that no one knew would have an expiration date.

since it happened the cover to Auronplay in social networksthe relationship between both content creators was deteriorating, and not so much personally, where we do not enter, but purely at work.

Maybe it’s their own fault fandom that they have drilled both creators with questions, insults and harassment through social networks, since these are the ones who, it seems, do not want a meeting between the two content creators.

This is how Juan Guarnizo drops it, who, in one of his last live shows, commented that he is fed up with only being asked about the subject and confirming that “in the future I will talk about all this subject.”

Already in past live shows, Juan Guarnizo commented that certain things that Auron supposedly did in the past did not seem right to him, in addition to increasing the controversy by confirming that Auron was not going to participate in the Hole or other series of Juan.

The fact that there is no Tortillaland 3 either and that Auron has only confirmed Minecraft Extreme 2 revives the debate, even more so if we quote Auron’s latest statements: “The list of MC Extremo participants will change a lot“.

Be that as it may, it’s a shame that two such great content creators are parting ways, as we may be living the beginning of the end of great content series with two of the most notorious communities on Twitch.

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