Learn how to get the Portal Buster armor

Minecraft Legends It came to us on April 18, and there are already hundreds of players who have enjoyed this new experience that it brought with it. different elements that everyone wants to buy.

One of these is the portal buster armora shiny gold outfit which comes as a kind of alternate costume that players can wear while driving Piglin’s forces out of their base.

Given this, there are many who can’t wait to get this outfitwhich is more complex to achieve than it seems.

Learn how to obtain this shiny, golden armor. Credits: Minecraft

Players can get this shiny outfit by completing the first monthly challenge of the game, portal foot.

Portal Pie Lost Legend can be picked up by going to the Marketplace in the main menu . Lost Legends are available in the next tab, which triggers a quest in which players must Defeat 20 waves of Piglin enemies.

If they manage to survive the Piglins attack with the best PvE bases, at final twenty rounds gives players the Portal Buster armor as a free reward, unlike other hero skins found in the game.

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