LoL: Is Elyoya the best Spaniard in history?

Ibai and Werlyb confirmed on Twitter that Elyoya is the best Spanish League of Legends player in history. Do you agree?

mad lions became champion of Spring Split 2023 of the LEC with an incredible reverse swip in the final against Team BDS. The Spanish community of League of Legends was very happy in networks for the Madrid team and for Javier “Elyoya” Prades, who was decisive in obtaining the title. With this, did he become the best Spanish player in history? Some, like the streamer Ibai Llanos, think that he is.

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With this coronation, Elyoya already has three titles in the highest European competition. Let’s remember that in his rookie season (2021) he won the Spring and Summer Splits.

“Elyoya is a real madness. He is the best player in the history of our country and one of the best in the history of our region. You have no limits. You’re the best. We love you », published Ibai through his Twitter account. The KOI co-founder has already played several times with the possibility of signing him for his club.

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Ibai was joined by another top content creator and leader of team Heretics. «Elyoya is the best Spanish player in history, and if he still wasn’t (by Mithy or Xpeke) he will be soon because we remember that he has been competing for a “little” time. What a barbaric player. And beware of getting into the European historical top5 soon. Congrats Elyoya,” he tweeted. Jorge «Werlyb» Casanovasformer LEC and Super League player.

Mithy and xPeke They are the other two players who could easily be considered “the best Spaniard in the history” of League of Legends, if we start thinking about achievements. Yes: Elyoya still did not have an outstanding participation in an interregional tournamentas if xPeke and Mithy had it in their respective times.

Although the first LoL World Cup is often discredited, xPeke is the only Spanish Worlds champion. But, in addition to that, he reached two World Cup semifinals. Although it is true that the context must be taken into account: at that time there was not such a difference in level between China and Korea with respect to the other regions, which is the case today.

On the other hand, Mithy reached an MSi final in 2017 with G2, where he fell to T1. She was also part of the Origen team with xPeke that reached the 2015 Worlds semis.

But there is one aspect in which xPeke is light years ahead of both: legacy. xPeke was key to making Fnatic a big name in Riot Games’ competitive MOBA world today. In addition, he made one of the most memorable plays in history against SK de Ocelote. Since that day, when we all do a backdoor we say that we are doing “a xPeke”. That is called transcending his time.

Who is the best Spaniard in history for you? tell us at our networks your answers.

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