MAD Lions beat BDS 3-2 to lift their third LEC trophy

He divided spring LEC has come to an end, this afternoon the League of Legends EMEA Championship He met not only the second champion squad of the season, but also who will say present with G2 Esports in the always exciting Mid-Season Invitational (M: YES). mad lions after going down 0-2 in the Grand Final stomped to Team BDS to turn the series around 3-2 and lift the much coveted trophy of the LEC. Los Leones, classified in eighth place with only three victories, ended up being the undisputed champion of the Lol most important in Europe and as if this were not enough, it will also be present at the Main Stage of the M: YES.

The story in the Playoffs for mad lions is repeated but this time with a happy ending, the lions just like during the divided winter they made the long way in the Playoffs advancing through the Bottom Box «playing» with the risk of being eliminated, however the one who does not risk has no prize and mad lions this time if he could keep the Grand finale after five exciting games to lift the trophy of the LEC after two years of doing it for the last time (summer 2021).

The epic definition of the three-time MAD Lions champion

In front of more than 130 thousand viewers (counting official transmission and co-streamings) mad lions he starred in an electrifying series that could easily have been scripted by one of the best filmmakers. After going down two games, it seemed that the Grand Final and the opportunity to get the bone out of divided of winter vanished. However, in all the films the protagonist is in check by the rival, and that’s when the heroes appear.

The five players of mad lions they have made a «chip change» from the third game and they have not stopped until the global score. But the performance of Chasy is more than remarkable, the toplaner Korean gave a lecture on how to play under pressure and guided the Spanish team to its third crown in the LEC. Averaging the last three games in which mad lions stomped to Team BDS, Chasy He registered a perfect score of 14/0/17 (31 KDA) that earned him the MVP of this exciting and historic final of the LEC.

The LEC Playoff crosses

round 1

  • Team BDS 3-0 Vitality
  • G2 Esports 2-3 MAD Lions.

round 2

Grand finale

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