Minecraft Legends Review: When Piglins Attack

Minecraft Legends is the new game from Mojang that is a bit of a departure from its base game. We were able to try this new installment on PC and we will tell you everything, in this review.

Minecraft Legends is the second spinoff of Minecraft, one of the biggest and most revolutionary IPs we have in our short video game history. This new experiment that reached all platforms on April 18, will take us through a different genre: real-time strategy or RTS. Mojang, together with Blackbird Interactivethey manage to maintain the essence and mystique that the cubes game gives us, but with a fairly large change in the gameplay with a lot of repetition.

We were able to access its full version on PC and we will tell you about our journey to eliminate the invaders.

‘ta juerte hell

In Minecraft Legends we will be a hero who is teleported to a new world that is under threat from piglinspig-shaped creatures that come from the underworld or Nether. With up to seven other friends or alonewe will have to save the world from this terrible threat, where we will meet several NPCs that will help us defeat evil.

The main NPCs are the creators of the universe and those who maintain order in this world. But they are not alone, but we must get the help of skeletons, creepers and zombies to stop the porcine threat of the underworld.

With a short but entertaining story that serves as a tutorial, our main objective will be cleanse evil completely from the procedural world in which we find ourselves, always with the help of our troops, NPCs and villagers. Along with all this, we’ll have to ride our steed everywhere searching new materials, new locations and save the villagers to get new rewards.

charge my brave

The gameplay is very Minecraftian without being itsince we must collect resources with our alloyscreatures that help players in the original game, to be able to create different battle stations or platforms to move.

We will have different Golems in our creation positionswith different abilities. Among them is defeating enemies faster, destroying buildings efficiently or protecting ourselves from damage. All this, with a great aesthetic and family humor that characterizes the franchise.

This great adventure could not be possible without our battle banner, which is the mechanic that we will use the most throughout the adventure. This banner allows us to gather our troops and give orders everywhere, how to build, attack and collect resources, all at the touch of a button.

Minecraft Legends Conclusion

It’s a game for the family, short, entertaining, but that becomes very repetitive after finishing the tutorial. It has great successes, such as models of creatures that we never saw and the power to use any living being for combat, but with performance issues, like the game it’s inspired by. In its historythat lasts about twelve hours the game becomes bearable until almost the end, where you just want it to end. The game is available now for PS4/PS5, Xbox One/XSeries, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Microsoft Store.

RELEASE DATE April 18, 2023
DEVELOPER Mojang – Blackbird Interactive
DISTRIBUTOR Xbox Game Studios
PLATFORMS PS4/PS5 – Xbox One/XSeries – Nintendo Switch – Microsoft Store

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