Pokémon GO Player Finds Stolen Giant Red Spoon Worth $3,000

Today we bring you some news worthy of the newsletter of the Team Rocket. Last March 24th the theft of a giant red spoon, belonging to the famous local ice cream chain called ‘Dairy Queen‘. Curious right? This item has a value of more than 3000 dollars, it is not turkey mucus. The famous ice cream chain notified the whole world in Phoenix and offered a reward for any information. These objects are not cheap and their loss is a serious marketing blow for the franchise. It is there where the hero of this story intervenes, the Pokémon GO player, Michael Foster.

He April 3specifically a week later, Michael Foster I was enjoying a walk in the company of Pokémon GO through the parks of Phoenix, Arizona. So he tripped over the giant spoon and decided to call the Phoenix federal police force. Despite having recovered the giant stolen object, those responsible for the crime are still wanted by the police. Surveillance images of the robbery have been released and a search is being carried out for two men and a woman allegedly involved in the act.

Meanwhile, this renowned Pokémon GO player in his neighborhood, you are not looking to get any kind of reward for your heroic deed. “I don’t think about the issue of the reward, it’s something I don’t give much thought to, honestly.”, He declared with great humility. “I’m glad they got their spoon back, it’s a very important item for the Dairy Queen ice cream franchise.“. Foster concluded, speaking to the fox.

Has a similar situation happened to you playing Pokémon GO? We read you in the news.

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