Shroud Highlights What Badly Needs Improvement in Counter-Strike 2

counter strike 2 continues to occupy the media spotlight of the ecosystem of esports and video games due to different issues. One of them would be the opinion of great personalities about the limited test, a beta that very few players currently have. These protagonists are giving their opinion about the positive and negative points of the CS2, something that can leave us clues about the next updates. Michael “shroud» Grzesiek, one of the great voices of the scene, has highlighted what Valve urgently needs improvement with the release of counter strike 2.

Despite the initial enthusiasm of CS2during the last days this hype has been deflated due to the few people who have the beta and the method of Valve to distribute them. Players who can’t enjoy it have to settle for seeing streamers and professional players giving their opinion about this first test, so we have to trust them. for now, positive reviews far outweigh negative ones, but obviously, being a beta, there are many things to improve. Shroud, one of the greats streamers both of VALORANT like CS:GOHe is very clear about what he has to do. Valve to engage more players.

Counter-Strike 2 must improve matchmaking

Shroud’s request is an update that has been requested by much of the community for millennia: matchmaking. People mainly use FACE IT due to the questionable method of Valve to prepare for competitive matches. It is very common to face players of several levels higher than yours, not to mention how frustrating it is not knowing how much you have left to level up or down. Although he is aware that people will continue playing whether or not this improves, Shroud ensures that Valve You have to take action on the matter regarding this. “If the classification system is the same as in CS:GO I will get very angry, “says the former professional player.

Shroud “CS2 is in the position to take over and have 5x concurrent players if they make matchmaking actually good.”
by u/Draemeth in Global Offensive

Shroud considers it very necessary to improve this system, an update that the community has been asking for for a long time. He streamer assures that improving this would mean a great advance for Counter-Strike 2. “It could have five million players on average,” Shroud highlights about this possible update in the Counter. Many things have to change with the summer launch, but this is undoubtedly one of the most important things for players of the shooter king.

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