STEAM Profile Outed Minecraft Player Who Leaked Classified US Documents Who Was Ultimately Arrested

During the past week, we told you how a 21-year-old player named Jack Teixeira, who is a member of the United States Air National Guard, was arrested by the FBI, being accused of being one of the possible culprits for the leak of document images. military about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

According to an exclusive report by the US outlet The New York Times, Teixeira ran a Discord server called Thug Shaker Central, where he allegedly discussed “weapons, racist memes, and video games” with his 20 to 30 members. And it is a journalist from the same outlet named Christiaan Triebert, who told on Twitter that the subject was identified thanks to his Steam account.

“A breakthrough in our investigation came when the team identified a Steam profile in the name of Airman Teixeira, which led to an Instagram profile with photos of the exact location where the leaked documents were photographed: a kitchen counter in the house of his childhood,” said the researcher.

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In parallel, an unidentified member of that server told The Washington Post that Teixeira began sharing classified information in 2022 in an attempt to educate Thug Shaker members about the actions of the US government.

“He’s a smart person,” the member said. “He knew what he was doing when he posted these documents, of course. It’s not some accidental leak,” the gamer said.

Jack Teixeira
Jack Teixeira

Comments that, finally, are confirmed by another member of this group, who told The New York Times that Teixeira was not a whistleblower motivated by a sense of moral outrage, but wanted to show them “what real war is.”

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