The Xokas are glad that AuronPlay has finally come down to earth

It’s not easy reaching the top of Twitch as a streamer. Once you have achieved it, you have two options. One, try to stay at the top, consisting of more hours, stress and giving up what you really like. And another: do something to change it.

The truth is that it is not easy to choose one or the other. For example, Ibai does not stop releasing new events (Evening 3 in July, the Kings League or the Queens League).

However, he himself has acknowledged several times that he will soon have to give it up, or at least take a break. And Auronplay? The Catalan streamer has undergone a great change since his incident with Bijjin.


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After a temporary retirement, Auron has returned with the best numbers for a Spanish-speaking channel on Twitch. Now he assures that he wants to focus on his community, and put aside the big events.

What does the Xokas think of all this? The Galician streamer does not mince words, and he always displays extreme sincerity. This time he is no different.

Xokas applauds Auron’s change

In a new collaborative live performance, El Xokas has once again done what he likes the most: speak honestly about various topics. And, specifically, about the new trend on the freedom of big streamers.

Xokas points out that Rubius was a pioneer in this way of acting. You are not going to get the same views playing Minecraft as playing a game of Vampire Survivors, for example.

But ElRubius doesn’t care. The same goes for IlloJuan and his games of Resident Evil 4 Remake (or the cycle of gangster games). Xokas does not hesitate to applaud this freer attitude, without ties.

That’s being a real gamer, like Rubius. He’s a guy who doesn’t give a shit about the numbers, because he plays what he wants. He is the one who has taken this more to the letter”.

Later, Xokas mentions Auronplay. The Catalan streamer has returned to Twitch with one premise: focus more on his community, and upload the videos he wants, without giving in to pressure from the industry.

For the man from Lugo, this is the right attitude for every great streamer. It’s more, claims Auron will regain his best numbers when he returns to Tortillalandthe Minecraft series.

Auron is realizing that you can play more normal things. You will have fewer people, but when you return to Tortillaland you will have 150,000 people behind you again”.

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In recent days, Xokas has commented on the departure of Mr. Beast to Kick, something that he sees as very positive because he is not liking Twitch’s movements at all.

Do you think Auronplay will return to big events one day? Almost certainly that will be the case, but at the moment he is enjoying this profession more than ever in twitch. And that, in the end, is all that matters.

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