VCT Americas: KRÜ Esports maintains losing streak

Bad start in the super week of the VCT Americas for KRÜ Esports, after a comeback of 100Thieves, staying in the last position.

New day of the first super week of the new competitive professional of Valorant and the team of Sergio “Kun” Aguero He does not raise his head, continuing his losing streak. Despite a good start to the series, KRÜ Esports failed to beat 100Thieves and complicates their situation for the playoffs of the VCT Americas.

The first super week of VCT Americas had its second day this Saturday, where KRÜ Esports started the date facing 100Thieves with the Kun Aguero onstage. The North American squad came from a defeat at the hands of Cloud9, while the violet team could not score against Evil Geniuses, in a very accessible series to achieve victory.

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KRÜ Esports He excited his fans at the start of the series, dominating the confrontation, from the first round of the game. The Latino team took control of the map from the pistol round with a Angelo «keznit» Mori untied with his Jett in defense. The change of sides occurred with the 10-2 in favor of the purple squad and although 100Thieves tried to respond after the break, adding a few points, it was not enough falling with 13-4 in Ascent.

In Split, KRÜ got off to a very good start again, taking the lead from the pistol round, but 100Thieves responded after several points down to rally with Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban in the lead facing the change of sides with an 8-4. Already in the attack, the Latin team could not stop the advance of the North Americans who took the second map of the series after a comeback, extending to a third game with a 13-11.

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The series was defined in Fracture It got off to a close start, with both teams battling to win the first few games of the matchup. But 100Thieves He knew how to better execute the defense on the map, to send the change of side with the 8-4 on the scoreboard. KRÜ Esports tried to respond after the break, however, it was not enough to stop the North American team that, with a very clean attack, closed with a 13-5.

With this result, KRÜ Esports is the only team VCT Americas that he fails to add, staying last in the standings. The Latin squad will have another chance next Tuesday, April 25. For its part, Leviatán, who is among the best in the tournament, will see action this Monday against 100Thieves.

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