Why is Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie so controversial? Understand.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence’s new film, “No Hard Feelings” (No Hard Feelings, in English), hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already causing outrage in many people due to its controversial plot. Jennifer Lawrence returns to the cinema with this work, but faces a great negative reaction based only on the content of her trailer. The star rose to fame in 2012, starring in “The Hunger Games” and winning her first Oscar at age 22 for “Silver Linings Playbook.” Recently, she has participated in projects such as “Don’t Look Up”, by Adam McKay, and “Causeway”, directed by Lila Neugebauer. “No Resentments” is his first film of 2023, but it is not receiving the expected positive impact, having its plot questioned.

Why has the plot of “No Hard feelings” been the target of criticism?

According to the film’s trailer, the story accompanies Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), an app driver who has her vehicle impounded and is at risk of losing her only green source of income. Luckily, she finds an overprotective couple looking for someone to bond with their 19-year-old son Percy before he leaves for college. Apparently, the couple expects Maddie to have sex with the young man, and in several scenes in the trailer she tries to seduce him. In return, they offer Maddie a car so she can resume her job as a driver. At first glance, it seems like a comical situation, but the plot has aroused the ire of many.

No hard feelings
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The controversial age difference in ‘No Hard feelings’: Jennifer Lawrence and the film’s dangerous message.

The trailer for “No Hard feelings” does not clarify the age of the character Maddie. In real life, though, Jennifer Lawrence is 32 years old, which makes her 13 years older than Percy. Some people accuse the film of promoting an inappropriate relationship due to the large age difference between the characters. Although the legal age of consent in the United States is 18, the Percy character appears to be much more immature than the legal age. It is clear in the trailer that he is scared and uncomfortable with Maddie’s attitude and, in no time, shows interest in matching her advances.

The message conveyed by the film and the concern with its impact on society

“No Hard Feelings” seems to suggest that the relationship between Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) and Percy (played by Andrew Barth Feldman) is acceptable, even with the vast difference in maturity and life experience between them. This relationship has a negative impact on the character played by Feldman, causing discomfort. The film might be better accepted as a teen comedy of the 1980s, a time less aware of the dangers of abusive and predatory relationships, but notions about the topic have changed and people are more alert to possible harmful messages in entertainment culture.

Effect of Controversy on Film Success: Harm or Benefit?

The negative reaction to “No Hard feelings” could hurt or help its performance at the box office. Some people may boycott the film because they consider its plot to be problematic or abusive, while others may be curious to watch and see if the film somehow addresses the dangers of this situation. Controversies can attract audiences, but they can also affect the longevity and prestige of the projects involved. With its current controversy, it is difficult to predict how “No Resentments” will be received by the public and specialized critics.

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