Alpha Media, a Honduran design studio, prepares a series of streams on Minecraft with national and international players


Alpha Mediaknown as a design studio, directed by the young Carlos Adán Cruz and Nery Sanabria, is weaving an innovative series of Minecraft, which can be seen through the various Twitch channels of each of the participants in said series. Of course, we will not be facing simple normal games in survival mode, but the organizers have prepared additional challenges.

A total of 42 players will be released on a random map, in which, in addition to the typical mobs, they will have to face the malice of the administrators, who will be in charge of spawning mobs around the players, activating acid rain that damages the players , and activate the PvP mode so that players can face each other.

Of course, the winner of the series will be the last man standing, so the participants, although they will be able to team up, must, at a certain point, face each other until only one remains. And speaking of the participants, in the series, there will not only be people from Honduras, but there will also be players from other countries.

This is the complete list of participants:

Lermonix (Copán), Brenermar (Choloma), Thor98GP (Choluteca), Psychosvsky (Santa Rosa de Copán), SrMaziizo (San Pedro Sula), Starmiya_ (Colima), LordAlejo87 (Tegucigalpa), Pijiniada (Honduras), Mike Misfit (Peru) , Blanca106 (Spain), TheAntozz (La Paz), Righunter (Tegucigalpa), MinosVII (Tegucigalpa), DonYojimbo (Tegucigalpa), Hondu (Tegucigalpa), TWITCHMaxBaronOk (Argentina), Karrluwu (Chile), awtap_ (Comayagua), JareeCraft7v7 (Choluteca) ), Iam Sobri (Spain).

JT_hnd (Siguatepeque), FercheetosXD (San Pedro Sula), Ediana1605 (Mexico), Hary504 (Honduras), SirBalderPlay (Honduras), Zoelovwe (La Lima), Alphiwi (Mexico) AndresAriza27 (Colombia), BYBALLHERS (Honduras), Suabyck0909 (Olanchito , Yoro), ElBebanMP (Mexico), lapalomitaa3744 (Mexico), ArnoldoGC (Mexico), TetoDx (Mexico), angelbazaga (Spain), AlexEm (Mexico), TheHerow66 (El Salvador), OjoTV (Spain), Julioink (Argentina), Male (Argentina), ParkCrack (Mexico) and NIOSAR (Chile).

The series will begin on Wednesday, April 26, and as we said before, it can be seen through the channels of the participants. Everyone will be playing on PC, obviously, on the same server, and with some specific mods activated, like a minimap and random loot with buffs.

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