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How about the whole MultiAnime gang!

On this occasion, we share a statement from XBOX.

As you know, on April 18 it was released Minecraft Legends, which is here to give the series a bold new direction, taking all the blocks, mobs, diamond swords and more you already know from the survival classic and transforming it into a full action strategy game; where you will discover a peaceful land, familiar and mysterious at the same time, full of biomes and resources as new as they are exuberant.

And to celebrate it, Oxxo joined the battle bringing a bit of this world to your reality in Mexico City; dressing one of his stores with iconic elements from this new release. These are the last days to visit your thematic store of Minecraft Legendsand here we share all the information so you don’t miss the opportunity:

· Where?: “Oxxo Revolución Sur” Av. Revolución 1089, Merced Gómez, Benito Juárez, 03930 Mexico City, CDMX

· When?: until Thursday, April 27

Oxxo South Revolution invites you to live this great adventure before it ends, which you can enter yourself with the campaign mode of Minecraft Legends, which will lead you to discover many surprises whether you are a fan of the franchise or you are dabbling in it; or together with your friends, in online or multiplayer co-op modes.

Either to prepare before playing, or after playing it to finish immersing yourself in the experience of Minecraft Legendsyou know where to make the next stop in this Real World.

This amazing game, developed by Mojang Studios In collaboration with Blackbird Interactivewill take you to the universe of Minecraft in a fun and unique way where you must lead your allies in heroic battles making unexpected friends (including some classic mobs from Minecraft that you will immediately recognize), as well as valuable alliances and leading strategic battles against the ferocious invaders of the Nether to defend the Real World.

Will you be the hero this sweet land needs? Oxxo awaits you these last days to find out.

Download the images of the thematic store by clicking here.

Minecraft Legends is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Game Pass catalog for PC and console, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and on PC for Windows 10 and 11.

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