Golden State Warriors After The Elimination Of The Playoffs 2023: Contracts, Free Agents, Salaries And Future

End to the path of the current champions in the NBA Playoffs 2023 . Golden State Warriors ended their participation in a season full of ups and downs, in which Stephen Curry ‘s men have barely been close to the level shown during the past year and that well earned them a ring. With this elimination at the hands of the  Los Angeles Lakers,  the future of the franchise looks dark and hazy, with many changes on the horizon.

What’s next for the Warriors ? What are the keys that will mark your future? It is time to analyze the present and the future of Golden State.

The definitive end of the Warriors dynasty?

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green
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Has the Warriors Big Three played their last game together? The outcome of the season in which they defended their championship has not left the best possible feelings. Inconsistent away from home, fighting until the last day to enter the Playoffs and avoid the Play-In and with internal problems with several players off the pitch. A more than tumultuous 2022-2023 that has raised doubts about the continuity of the project.

This trio has earned the right to end their days together in the franchise regardless of the results, but professional sports don’t understand legacies, only present, and the Warriors require drastic change. Because? Because they have to take advantage of the last years of Stephen Curry ‘s brilliance at the same time that they plan the next stage. 

After the failure of the election of James Wiseman, who should be the link between the dynasty and the future, now Golden State has to reformulate everything. As romantic and beautiful as a Spurs-style denouement may appear from the outside, Californians have an obligation to live in the present and seize any chance of fighting for the ring as long as Curry and Thompson remain in a position to do so.

Golden State Warriors heading into the 2023-2024 season: Free agents, contracts and salaries

  • Con contrato: Stephen Curry (51,9M), Klay Thompson (43,2M), Jordan Poole (28,7M), Andrew Wiggins (24,3M), Gary Payton II (8,7M), Kevon Looney (8,5M), Jonathan Kuminga (6M), Moses Moody (3,9M), Patrick Baldwin (2,3M), Ryan Rollins (1,7M)
  • Player option: Draymond Green (27.5M), Donte DiVincenzo (4.7M)
  • Free agents: Andre Iguodala, JaMychal Green, Anthony Lamb, Ty Jerome, Lester Quinones
  • Draft Picks:  19th First Round Pick

This is a  key offseason  for the future and legacy of the Warriors . For one thing, their  general manager,  Bob Myers, is out of contract, so the decision-maker may no longer be in office by the time Free Agency begins . On the other hand, the main salary limitation in relation to his performance, Draymond Green , has a player option that he will hardly reject. These two circumstances are going to greatly mark the coming months in San Francisco.

If Myers were to leave the offices it would be a clear message that major changes are coming to the franchise, opening the door for a rebuild. Meanwhile, the case of Green is very interesting. Draymond could reject his option in exchange for securing a long-term contract and with more friendly figures for the organization, a scenario that is hard to imagine knowing this protagonist. That leaves the Warriors with two options: keep him and wait for him to fulfill his contract or trade him on Draft night losing future assets but gaining salary flexibility.

In this sense, Golden State has pick 19 this year, but it could not send a First Round of Draft until 2026 because in 2024 it owes one to the Memphis Grizzlies and future selections cannot be transferred in consecutive years. However, the Californians have players like Kuminga, Moody or Looney who can be crucial when closing an agreement that includes Green.

Imagining Kerr’s Warriors without Draymond Green is nearly impossible, but his gradual decline in sportsmanship and his wanderings over the past few years may have been too much for an organization that must think about its future.

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the NBA or its organizations.

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