Controversial ‘The Idol’ hinders progress on season 3 of hit series ‘Euphoria’

‘The Idol’ demands the necessary attention, which means the makers don’t get enough time for ‘Euphoria’.

season 2 of Excitement Expires in February 2022 and has made little progress. Not only hasn’t recording started yet, the writing itself isn’t progressing either.

In an interview with Deadline, Francesca Orsi, head of drama, explained a bit more about the matter. Producer Sam Levinson needed to keep the balls in the air.

several major projects

As is well known, the writer and director had their hands full Sculpture, a series that took a lot more work than initially thought. Orsi: “We started writing (for ‘Euphoria’) during post-production of ‘The Idol.’,

Because these two large projects run side by side, it is currently unclear when Levinson will focus on his Arrows again. Excitement, Orci indicated that the third season would ideally be seen in 2025, three years after the Season 2 finale.

out of sight out of mind

Maybe it helps that protagonists Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney are in the spotlight at the moment. Zendaya Has Part 2 Dune forward, and working on a new movie in Sweeney hunger gamesSuffrage. Both actresses will undoubtedly continue to attract attention Excitement And thus that being out of sight is actually out of mind.

Look Excitement on HBO Max.

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