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Regional curator Laura Grijns received the North Holland Cultural Award on behalf of the Goi & Vetch Heritage Festival. Photo Margot Brakel Photography

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The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund’s Cultural Prize North Holland 2022 has been awarded to the Gooi & Wecht Heritage Festival at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

The directors of the twenty parties participating in the festival and the aldermen and mayors of the various municipalities of the region attended the ceremony on Friday. The festive procession started at the Pinetum Blickenstein botanic garden and then proceeded through the center of Hilversum on a ‘Journey through time’ to the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, where the award ceremony took place.


Among others, Director of Sound and Vision Eppo van Nispen Tot Sevener, King Arthur van Dijk’s North Holland Commissioner and Mayor of Laren and Nanning Mol, Director of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, addressed the public about the value of the Heritage Festival. To the Gooey and Wecht area. The prize, designed by students of the Rietveld Academy, was presented to regional curator Laura Grijns.


The award was originally to be presented in October last year, but was canceled at the last minute after Grijns suffered a serious accident and broke his back while on a boat to Fort Island Pampas during preparations. Full recovery may take a long time, but thanks to the steel pins in her back, she is now proudly upright again. “I look just like Beatrix,” she jokes. Grijans, described by attendees as ‘enthusiastically compelling’, received the award on behalf of the twenty cultural and heritage institutions participating in the festival in 2021.

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corona festival

The Gooi & Vetch Heritage Festival is a collaboration of various museums and heritage institutions in the Gooi & Vetch region. The festival notably receives the Culture Award for the second edition, which took place in 2021 during a strict lockdown. The museums were closed, but with cycling and walking routes, a podcast series, a children’s book and an art installation for young people, the festival was still a huge success.

third edition

A third festival is planned for the summer of 2024, but is still ‘subject to funding’. Local aldermen for Economy and Innovation discussed the plans with Singer Laren Evert van Os, director of Fortiland Pampas, and Tom van Nauhuys, director of Fortiland Pampas. Grijns: “I hope there is enthusiasm again. If there is no start-up budget, it is also difficult to raise additional funds. The Culture Prize is accompanied by a cash prize of 15,000 euros, so the counter is no longer at zero.

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