Kim Kardashian Feels “Very Guilty” Towards Pete Davidson

relationship and break up between Kim Kardashian And Peter Davidson It was world news some time ago. Still, it was always a mystery what really happened between the two. it was clear Kanye West Nothing was known about the relationship and the life of the ex-love birds Tried to sour. now in the new season kardashianKim finally tells what happened.

shock therapy

The new season of The Kardashians is here Finally started and it starts immediately with the necessary Juice, In the first episode, for example, Kim immediately takes the time to talk about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. She felt particularly guilty towards Pete, who had to go to trauma therapy after Kanye’s public harassment.


And she’s also had her say about her ex-husband Kanye. “He looks down on me a lot because of my sex tape and brings it out everywhere. Thanks for reminding people (Kanye, version). All his pranks will one day be more harmful to kids than my tape.” Aye!

It also helps to stop gossip about her and the rapper in an instant. Fly Out of the World, which also came from Kanye. “He was the one who started the rumor that I was having an affair with Drake. He publicly accused me of it throughout our marriage. I really can’t understand how he could think I could protect him.” (Drake, ed.)”, said Kim. Very good! juicy,

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