Review: The Angel Doesn’t Just Go Over Your Head at AFAS Live (Concert)

tap-tap-tap It sounds like AFAS Live: The sounds of an animated accelerating roller coaster fill the room. King’s driver? Angel van Laeken, Belgium’s latest pop sensation. The end of the track features a rainbow colored globe with a picture of Belgium as the centerpiece. ‘Are you ready?’ Angel, who speaks typically French, asks the audience. YesThe audience shouts back in three languages.

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Angel is warm, Not only in Belgium and France, where she easily sold out several arenas one after the other, but also in North America sold out Arranged at the front door of the concert hall. In addition, a year after that other Belgian star’s performance in Brussels, Stromme, she was allowed to perform two shows at the popular Coachella festival. It is therefore notable that his fame has not (yet) reached the Netherlands with radio hits such as Fever And makeshift: AFAS Live Grandstand will be closed.

The concert in Amsterdam is the last hall show Nonante-Cinq tour, named after her second album (2021), Engel will push it even harder during the evening. And sporadically it seems as though her extensive touring in North America has taken its toll: the Belgian sometimes sounds tired and her voice is lacking, especially in the beginning. asks for

The audience is divided into two camps from the start: those who speak fluent French and sing everything at the top of their lungs and those who watch the song nod its head. fortunately, appear during the song tout obier On Screen: Perfect for those who want to brush up on their French during the concert – correct pronunciation is not guaranteed. But francophone Or not, the entire audience chants Engel’s name.

ta clear, a hymn about gay love, provided the first highlight of the evening. Angel sings with an orange-white-pink gay pride flag around her shoulders, with rainbow-colored telephone lights as the audience shows their love clean,

However, the show – to continue in the roller coaster metaphors – never turns completely upside down. It remains a commanding pop concert with essential dance breaks, tight choreography and a banging backing band, which adds another spice to Angle’s songs. She holds her own good between all the shows and moving background images on stage, from her pug dog Peppet to the Instagram page, switches to a live image of the audience.

Engel’s voice really comes into its own when she is alone on stage or behind the piano. She sings three songs with only piano as accompaniment, including a cover of Britney Spears. …baby One More Time, Little low CI, low CABut the audience sings along to it. TemporaryA ballad about domestic violence, very poignant.

Angel vanishes from the stage and the roller coaster car goes off the rails into space and Belgium exchanges her pink tweed jacket for a glittery dress that sparkles like a starry sky. During the day makeshift – Engel’s salvo of radio hits begins – the Dutch present finally dare to sing along to the chorus: live Free, And further out in the universe, the biggest of them all awaits us. A virtual duet with Lipa Engel, with a view of the setting sun in the background Fevera bilingual duet that marked Angel’s breakthrough in the English-speaking world.

Bruxelles je t’aimeAbout Angel’s love for his hometown, the final destination of tonight’s roller coaster ride. What follows is a top celebration joy of living The Belgian way: Animated Brussels and Liège waffles fall on the screen and Angel sings wrapped in that other important tricolor of the evening, the Belgian flag. amsterdam j time The latter appears on screen and come on, the girl from Brussels has won our hearts tonight despite minor flaws in the set. With a career that is speeding up as the most exciting roller coaster ever, it is inevitable that the Dutch public will soon follow – will we see him next time at Ziggo Dom?

seen: May 26, 2023 at AFAS Live, Amsterdam.

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