Billie Eilish criticizes women for their excessive clothing choices, showing them sweeping the floor

Billie Eilish wipes the floor with those who have a problem with how her style has evolved over the years. “It’s shocking, isn’t it, that I’m versatile.”

The 21-year-old Grammy winner posted a series of photos to her Instagram Stories over the weekend, along with the comments. “I spent the first 5 years of my career getting beaten up by you morons for being boyish and dressing like me. I was constantly told that if I act like a woman, I will be sexy.

Now and then she exchanges loose clothing for a tight top or dress. But that’s not well received by all, she tells her 109 million (!) followers on social media. “Now that I feel comfortable enough to wear anything remotely feminine or appropriate, I am ‘so changed’ and I am a traitor,” she continued in the caption alongside a photo of herself. Then he gets comments like ‘what happened to him’ or ‘oh my god it’s not the same Billy, he’s like the rest of the guys’. She calls critics “real idiots” and “stupid people”.

She continues her story, in which she calls on women to be left alone. Fun facts! Did you know that women are versatile?! shocking right? Believe it or not, women can be interested in more than one thing,” she reports. Femininity doesn’t equal weakness, you know that? Crazy, isn’t it?’, adding sarcastically: ‘It’s also completely unheard of and crazy that you want to express yourself differently at different times.’

plus size clothing

Eilish told l magazine In 2021, he lost 100,000 social media followers after sharing a different look. Because you could draw her in oversized clothes with which she wanted to make a point according to many people. There will be criticism of colleagues who wear sexy dress. In fact, Billie did it because the clothes were comfortable and people couldn’t easily form an opinion about her body. After all, her own thoughts are tough enough: Billie struggles with “body dysmorphia,” a psychological disorder in which you’re obsessed with your appearance and don’t think you’re pretty enough.

In interviews she said that if she showed some skin, she would be called a ‘slut’ or a ‘fake’. “People hold on to memories that they have, attached to them,” she said. “But they dehumanize you with it.”

Earlier, he had opposed body shaming during stripping.

Billie Eilish in 2018
Billie Eilish in 2018 © BrunoPress/Ven

Billie Eilish in 2022
Billie Eilish in 2022 © BrunoPress/PA Images

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