“Kim Kardashian earns 587 euros per minute”

It’s that time again, a new season of The Kardashians. Every move of The Famous Family has been on screen for over a decade. Tonight on VTM ‘Telefacts Summer’ will find out how the Kardashians became so rich and famous. But who is it really? We’ll have it listed for you in no time Kardashian 101.

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Kris Jenner (67)

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the devil works hard but kris jenner works harder, As a manager, mother and mastermind, Kris always finds a way to put her daughters on the front page. There are also rumors that Kim’s sex tape was leaked by her mother. Last season we saw her get a hip replacement and record a Christmas number, but now the 67-year-old businesswoman is back to capitalize on her daughters’ drama.

Kim Kardashian (42)

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With ‘Skims,’ Kim’s clothing line, and her countless other ventures, partnerships, and modeling jobs Kim Kardashian, with an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 billion, is the richest Kardashian of all time. His career began as the best friend of Paris Hilton And with the release of her sex tape, it exploded. The lawyer-to-be has a lot of drama ahead of the new season. This Is How She Finally Speaks Out About Her Ex-Husband Kanye West And all her screws are missing, and she’s at loggerheads with her own sister, Courtney. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, she earns around 587 Euros per minute.

Kourtney Kardashian (44)

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The eldest sister of five got married (thrice) last season travis barker, One of the three wedding parties was entirely themed by Dolce & Gabbana. Kim has partnered with D&G for the new season. Kourtney’s dream wedding has now come to a screeching halt. an insult. Insults fly and it looks like the sisters will not forgive each other. The good thing is Kourtney can still take comfort in the money she makes for her candle brand ‘Push’, which she and Gwyneth Paltrow Makes candles that smell like her vagina.

Khloe Kardashian (38)

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Image Patrick McMullen via Getty Images

Poor Khloe, Last season, Blonde Kardashian was cheated on by her boyfriend for the third time Tristan Thompson, The professional basketball player previously cheated on Khloe with her best friend. This time he made another woman pregnant. During this time he and Khloé were expecting a child with a surrogate mother. On top of that, Khloe is to continue her clothing line ‘Good American’. Unfortunately, this season isn’t going to be any easier for her: A bizarre mole on Khloe’s cheek will turn out to be melanoma and maybe even skin cancer. Or just a freckle. Or clickbait.

Kylie Jenner (25)

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Kylie Built her empire on the makeup line ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Last season she was pregnant with rapper travis scott And absent from the reality show. The weekend before their baby’s first birthday, Kylie and Travis finally settled on a name, ‘Ayre’. Prior to this, the child was simply called “Baby”. For a long time, the reality star held the record for most followers on Instagram. With 10,000 followers you can earn around $1420 per month. Kylie has 392 million. Do the math yourself. This season promises awesome footage: Kylie takes manual driving lessons for the first time KendallPorsche.

Kendall Jenner (27)

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As the highest-paid supermodel, Kendall is the only Kardashian who hasn’t made an appointment with a plastic surgeon yet. She’s been on the catwalk since the age of fourteen, and in the new season the daughter of two A-list celebrities introduced her own brand of tequila. She organizes an event where men with jetpacks fly with bottles of tequila in hand. She then gives a speech about the difficulties she faces as a woman in the tequila business. james corden Well, not without reason is in the public eye.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Picture WireImage

Caitlyn JennerImage WireImage

Caitlyn is the biological father of Kylie and Kendall. In 2015 she came out as a trans woman. There were soon whispers that it would be a publicity stunt. In the same year, she was also named ‘Woman of the Year’ by ESPN. We don’t see Caitlyn in the third season, but she certainly played a role in The Kardashians’ Hollywood fairy tale. Since Caitlyn can no longer be found among The Kardashians, she makes notable appearances on game shows and talk shows often.

scott disick

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Scott has had an ex boyfriend for years Courtney. So why does he attend the show? Scott is funny and one of the most loved celebs on the show. When he’s not in a club for $80,000 a night, he brings a humorous note to all the drama, but other than being a happy clown, he doesn’t really get any screen time. see him James Cook In the table of four.

Telefacts Summer: ‘The Kardashians’ at 9:35 PM on VTM

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