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Now pictures of Romelu Lukaku (30) walking hand in hand with popular American singer Megan Thee Stallion (28) have also surfaced. And so the letter ‘M’ that the Red Devils are forming shortly after their targets begins to take on a meaning. Lukaku attended the striker’s brother Lautaro Martinez’s wedding to the hugely popular rap star on Monday.

Look American singer is the reason for Lukaku’s new celebration?

Looking back on April 11th. Romelu Lukaku recorded the final score of 0–2 in the Champions League match against Benfica that day. Notable: ‘Big Rome’ made the letter ‘M’ with his right hand in celebration. He later did the same against Napoli and after his opening goal against Atalanta last Saturday. Prior to this, Lukaku regularly made the letter ‘A’, with which he honored his mother, Adolphine (see video above).

The letter ‘M’ is a possible message for Megan Thee Stallion. Lukaku attended the wedding of striker brother Lautaro Martinez on Monday in the company of the famous singer, who has no fewer than 31 million followers on Instagram. There is a link between Romelu and Megan: they are members of Roc Nation, the management agency that represents the business interests of many stars. The two even sat next to each other during the wedding dinner (see photo below).

There is a fierce debate among the fans on these pictures. Especially now that the ‘M gesture’ has been given a possible meaning and photos of Romelu and Megan holding hands have now surfaced. Little is known about Lukaku’s personal life. He recently revealed that he has a second son.

marriage robber

It happened last night at a boozy wedding party for Inter striker Lautaro Martinez. He married his great love, Agustina Gandolfo. Beautiful Location: A five-star hotel on Lake Como.

At least 120 guests were allowed to witness the event. In addition, part of the Argentine selection that became world champions last winter. Lionel Messi, who was seen with his beau Antonella Roccuzzo at a Coldplay concert in Barcelona last weekend, was missing from the group photo.

Look Lukaku attends Lautaro’s wedding

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