Travel through time and ancient Egypt in Leiden

null Image National Museum of Antiquities

Image National Museum of Antiquities

History and archeology come to life at the National Museum of Antiquities. This is doubly true for the new, summer exhibition Kemet. This was the name given by the Egyptians themselves to their empire: ‘The Black’. In Egypt Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul & Funk you see thousands of years old Egyptian objects through the eyes of contemporary musicians like Beyoncé and Rihanna, Miles Davis and Earth, Wind & Fire. His music emphasizes that ancient Egypt is an African culture, quintessentially royal, a source of spirituality and an inspiration for the future.

In addition to the many objects from the Egyptian collection, which is counted among the ten most important of its kind in the world, there are also numerous video clips, audio excerpts, concert recordings, photographs and record covers to admire. Not to be missed is the golden statue of rapper Nas as King Tutankhamen. Speaking of the latter: The pharaoh and his mysteries are at the center of children’s performances in search of Tutankhamun for young detectives from age seven onwards. Kemet’s audio tour was produced by Dutch hip-hop artist Typhoon.

null Image National Museum of Antiquities

Image National Museum of Antiquities

the year 1000 is coming

Year 1000? It’s still a bit in the future. From October 13, 2023, the winter exhibition with the subtitle “The Netherlands in the world, 900-1100” delves into that important transitional period of history. This would fundamentally change the Netherlands in terms of landscape, language and culture. The story draws on a wealth of archaeological finds, buildings and artefacts from the Netherlands – and far beyond.

The (time) tour begins with a Viking drinking horn from the Basilica of Our Lady in Maastricht and a prelude to Egmund’s Evangeliarium from the Koninklijke Bibliothek. You will be amazed to see swords, ship timbers, gold jewellery, coin hoards, books filled with precious stones and the oldest chess pieces in the Netherlands. Finally you experience the Millennium moment. Write it down in your diary, because it would be a shame to miss the year 1000.

Sniffing more culture?

Leiden was already a city of art and knowledge in the 17th century, home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. The historic city center has been wonderfully preserved over the centuries and is full of hidden gems. Furthermore, Leiden has the highest museum density of all cities in the Netherlands. Leeds Loper Walk (VVV Leiden) is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable walk through all the main attractions of Leiden, the City of Discovery. For more inspiration, visit this website.

The exhibitions ‘Kemet, Egypt in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funk’ and ‘In Search of Tutankhamen’ are on view till September 3, 2023. ‘The Year 1000’ can be seen from October 13, 2023 to March 17. Got 2024 curious? More information and tickets can be found on the website.

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