Dwayne Johnson seeks revenge in the action movie Faster

Dwayne Johnson stars in action film faster A former thief who wants nothing more than revenge after the death of his brother.

After a prison sentence, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) is released. The first thing he does: kill.


In fact, he doesn’t stop at that one kill. And that was even after he impressed the prison director (Tom Berenger) with the hope that he would improve his life.

the driver has faster A good reason for his murderous lust. Take revenge

Once he was jailed after a bank robbery. In the process his brother was killed.

Now he is on the lookout for those who framed him. The drivers will not rest until they get what they deserve.

This in itself is a heavy job, the driver cannot be uninterrupted about his business. An enemy from the past has sent an assassin against him.

The police are also on his target. As addicted cop (Billy-Bob Thornton) and his colleague Cicero (Carla Gugino).

Dwayne Johnson

As a former pro wrestler, Dwayne Johnson can put up quite a fight. Still, he managed to get into the fight scenes faster Don’t do all this on a regular basis.

Before the fight in the toilet room of a nightclub, he trained for two days. During that time he mastered the ’52 Blocks’, a fighting style that originated in prisons on the American West Coast.

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