Fresh pop with a good shot of country and more fun culture tips for the weekend

Zaanse’s band Lorena & The Tide is making good progress. They have already released an album, are traveling through the province in a van for a day and next weekend they will be on the Manifesto stage in Hoorn. Other tips for the weekend: a Van Kooten&B marathon on Saturday at Badhuis in Haarlem and a bicycle theater tour on the Texel.

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Tip 1: Lorena and the Tide in Horn

North Holland indie band Lorena & The Tide will arrive on June 3 as part of Manifesto The Surf Tour, The five-piece band creates country pop with an alternative edge and is influenced by artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, and Taylor Swift.

In March 2022, the band released their debut album “Open Sea”. This was noticed by, among others, Noord-Holland Dagblad and 3voor12 Noord-Holland, which open sea Their review called it ‘dynamic’, ‘but with quieter characteristics that immediately show and listen to the versatility of the band.’

New music means a new tour, so this summer the band will be on the road again, visiting various pop venues in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. “Surfer” and “Surfer II” are part two of Summer’s coming-of-age story and will be released as a double single in May with a short film. The songs transport you to sunny California in the days of cassette tapes and plaid shirts and could easily fit on the next Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape.

Lorena and the Tide in Manifesto Saturday, June 3 at 8:00 PM.

Lorena and Tide were featured at Culture Club last year, watch the video below.

Evod Kift is the author of the book Concerto in Concerto. – NH News

Tip 2: Coot & Bee Marathon in Haarlem

On March 27, 2023, passed away Wim de Bie, a brilliant mind who changed the landscape of Dutch comedy. A man who made us laugh and (still) makes us think about socially relevant issues.

To honor Wim de Bie, the bards will be transformed into an intimate cinema, where all the hilarity and sharp satire will be shown again. Van Jacob and van Ees, the shy Meiner Fooppe, the herbalist Berendien Ut Wisp, the East German teachers Otto den Beste and Meyer van der Vaart van Zuinen and of course Frank, the frustrated son of Carla van der Putten and the withdrawn Walter de Rochebrunn.

The Koot en Bee Marathon will be held at Badhuis in Haarlem and will start at 3:00 p.m. Admission is free, but there is a donation box at the entrance.

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Tip 3: Visiting the Bicycle Theater in Texel

It’s great weather for cycling this weekend, so if you live in or are on Texel, there’s nothing stopping you from attending the Theater op de Fiat. Between Den Hoorn and Den Berg, four special spaces are stages for theatre, poetry, mime and music. The Theater on the Cycle Loop is about ten kilometers long. There’s no need to search because a guard cycles with you.

Mire Valkenburgh, originally from Texel, will give a concert in which the songs of Galicia are central. It is a solo performance in which the singer accompanies herself on various instruments including a guitar.

In addition to music by Mirre Valkenburgh, the program of the Theater Op de Fiat offers theater by Gorbizon. women play i start with you A comical and touching performance about a mother-daughter relationship. Theater Popecus plays ‘The Secret of Janna Coffee’, a puppet show for adults. in their performance Light In conclusion, Bas Ten Have brings to light a song that we experience every day in various forms around us.

Theater op de Fiat on Saturday 3 June from 13:30 to 17:00 at various locations in Texel.

On Sunday June 4th, Blonde Bison will perform at Hoorander Warming you will just be you, In the company of Frits Lambrechts (86 years old). They play and sing a real family feast. Grandfather, mother, daughter and granddaughter are deeply connected and they sing to each other, with cut dialogues in between.

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Culture Club on NH News

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