How Quentin Tarantino missed his chance to make his own ‘Bond’ film

Quentin Tarantino jubilates after the massive success of the film pulp Fiction There are plans to make a film starring James Bond. But a rights issue scuttled the project.

It is a story that dates back to the 1990s, but which the filmmaker has never spoken about in detail. the director’s plan was to make a book casino Royale edit it into a movie James BondThe story that author Ian Fleming first wrote in 1953. Tarantino considered setting the film in the 1960s. But the film, which he wanted to make with the production house Miramax, never materialised.

At the time, EON Productions, the company behind the Bond films, did not own the rights to the book. They belonged to the successors of Ian Fleming. In the end, it was the owners of the Bond films who closed the door completely. when he came to know about the plans of a film around casino Royale, He paid large sums of money to Fleming’s heirs to gain the rights to everything the man had written. Finally, the story of casino Royale Adapted into a film in 2006 starring Daniel Craig, Tarantino had nothing to say.

Meanwhile, the filmmaker focuses on new plans. Tarantino reveals during interview that this is his last project the movie critic Will be done. A film about a real film critic of the seventies, whose name he does not wish to reveal. All he wants to say is that he definitely wouldn’t choose his ‘muse’ Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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