Nicki Minaj blocked superfan on Twitter after sharing that pathetic drawing of her


Signpost debate lease or lease over: ‘Irrelevant, nobody wants to lease or lease out’

The Machines Are Coming! ttt We’re repeating ourselves, but this time it’s Sting saying it ttt According to him, a war is brewing in the near future between humans on one hand and artificial intelligence on the other when it comes to songwriting. “The building blocks that make music are humans, but it will be a matter of defending them against computers in years to come,” said the former police chief police tt Honestly, it’s suddenly a lot easier to side with harsh, ruthless computers sting is in the other camp ttt Don’t know what Sting’s nervous about, though: until such a laptop learns to fight its drummer, it has nothing to fear. ttt

Too will.i.mex main bean Black Eyed PeasFormed an opinion about the developing artificial intelligence, but, as always, was unable to convey it without being ridiculed ttt Will fears computers will copy not only his music but his face ttt ‘I have the rights to my songs, but the rights to my face? Who’s to say someone isn’t trying to copy her? ttt It’s strange that someone who wrote all his records with a handheld calculator has now become a technophobe. ttt

The British Heart Foundation, an organization that promotes the interests of heart patients, received a separate donation: a vinyl copy of the Double White Van. the BeatlesFirst edition, and in perfect condition ttt The institution is said to be very pleased with the gift: ‘The children are still sick, but they think ‘Blackbird’ is very beautiful’ ttt

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It’s been a while since we wrote about a guitar that’s still going strong Kurt Cobain was broken up and sold at auction for a lot of money, but now look ttt You’ll never guess what happens next: A guitar smashed by Kurt Cobain has sold for a whopping sum at auction. This time: a black Fender Stratocaster that was hacked sometime around the time Kurt made “Nevermind,” and was so valuable that someone auctioned it off for $600,000 ttt Also helped: that the instrument was signed by three members nirvanaand came with a personal note from kurt Mark Laneganwho received his remains as a gift ttt

members of the dead gang Dave Grohl: They are not all equally irreplaceable. It was also announced last week josh freeze Will become touring replacement for exiles Taylor Hawkins with the Foo Fighters ttt You know Josh Freese as one of the hardest-working drummers in showbiz: It’s more difficult to name a group he hasn’t yet provided handyman services to as an interim employee than to name one on his CV. Known by all names. ttt Can you name some of Josh’s past employers? Guns N Roses, Devo, Bruce Springsteen, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, The Offspring, Wayne, Weezer, The Replacementsironically, and – lo and behold – the sting ttt so josh can do boxing too ttt