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Which series and movies will soon be available on NPO? An overview of the titles announced for this weekend and next…

New series this weekend…

Headhunters (Sat 03/06, NPO 3) Norwegian thriller series inspired by the first filmed novel by Jo Nesbø. Sharpshooter Roger Brown (AXL BOYM) lands in trouble. watch the trailer.

The series is still running this weekend…

anonymously (Friday 02/06, NPO 1) Saar meets with top criminal Chris Cabot. Jarre visits Mia in the hospital to find a way to pay off his drug debt. However, he didn’t turn out to be the only one with the idea. Read our interview.

Das Boot S03 (Friday 02/06, NPO 2) Pauli released the torpedoes while HMS Perseverance continued the attack. Ehrenberg takes control. Forster doesn’t believe the case and goes after Gruber. Read the review.

Gulf S03 (Saturday 03/06, NPO 2) Shazia’s confession threatens to destroy the Rahman family. The police investigation stalls, but a vital clue offers a ray of hope. Jane breaks down and confesses everything to Karen.

Money (Sunday 04/06, NPO 3) Andre gives Claudia a strategic edge by coming on board with an investor. Meanwhile, the media has gotten wind of the family’s struggles. Read more here.

Colette (Friday 02/06, NPO 2) Historical biopic about a woman (Keira Knightley) who writes novels under her husband’s (Dominic West) name and has to fight for ownership much later when she claims the rights herself.

La Haine (Friday 02/06, NPO 3) French crime classic in which riots erupt when a boy ends up in hospital after being abused by the police. Vinz (Vincent Cassel) then threatens to kill a cop. watch the trailer.

New series after the weekend…

Dream of youth (Monday 05/06, NPO 3) Dutch drama series about a seemingly normal family in which a huge secret seeps like poison through several generations (1960s to present). watch the trailer.

The series is still going on after the weekend…

Everyone But Us (Tuesday 06/06, NPO 3) Having dinner with some friends, Hilma and Ola become more aware of their infertility. Hilma attends a meeting for the unwanted childless and it has surprising results.

1985 (Thursday 08/06, NPO 3) Mark and Vicky’s budding relationship is strained by their political differences. Frankie is allowed to work as a security guard at a minister’s party. Another bloody attack has taken place. Read more here.

Mother (Thursday 08/06, NPO start) Catherine now goes to a party with Maryam while Alice is in Sweden. Helen is working the night shift and makes a disturbing discovery about Guy. And that’s not all he’s worried about.

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