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Just put on a day cream and wash your hair with shampoo: the world of beauty in 2023 won’t be like that. Of course, you don’t have to keep up with all the trends, but you can learn from them. For example, how to keep your skin wrinkle free without irritation. Or how your perfume can determine your mood. Four experts recommend seven smart trends. “That way your hair is actually healthier.”

Like many trends in recent years, we first saw the term ‘skin cycling’ on TikTok. There, New York dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe shares a skin care routine in which you use different care products for four days in a row. For the first two days of the routine, your skin is inundated with active ingredients, followed by a rest for the next two days.

“Skincycling is a fun, commercial name we’ve actually been using for years,” says dermatologist Ingrid van Reet. “The dermatologist who launched the name works primarily with retinol and fruit acids, and uses a technique that we describe here as well.”

Doctor.  Ingrid van Reet is a dermatologist at Antwerp Aesthetic Center Carpe Clinic.
Doctor. Ingrid van Reet is a dermatologist at Antwerp Aesthetic Center Carpe Clinic. © Steven Richardson

“When you work with ingredients that affect the dermis and create a kind of stimulation there (To stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, ed.), It is important to give rest to your skin in between. If you don’t, eventually your skin will get irritated and you’ll be even further away from home.”

Also with skincycling it is important to keep your skin type in mind. In principle, you can work cyclically with any skin, although with thick skin with large pores you will be able to use higher doses of active ingredients much faster than with thin, almost transparent skin.

Applying Skincycling to mature skin? Dr van Reet doesn’t see a problem with this: “As we get older, the skin often becomes a little less sensitive to irritants. Your skin type doesn’t change over the course of your life, although hormonal fluctuations (for example during menopause) can temporarily affect your sebum production and skin quality.

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to our skin over the years, but our hair is often neglected. “And yet taking good care of your locks is just as important,” says hairdresser Jochen Vanhoud. “In recent years, many revolutionary products have come on the market for this, such as serums or day creams that deeply care for your hair.”

Jochen Vanhoudt is a Hairdresser and owner of Jochen Vanhoudt Salon.
Jochen Vanhoudt is a Hairdresser and owner of Jochen Vanhoudt Salon. © RV

“That way it not only looks healthy, but it actually is. The big advantage is that nowadays leave-in products don’t weigh your hair down, but strengthen them and give them more volume.”

A dark pigmented skin has different needs than a lighter skin, especially when it comes to blush. So-called melanin blushes are among the most popular in the beauty world: pigmented powders that give even the darkest skin a beautiful complexion. Ines Borgonjon: “The darker your skin tone, the brighter and richer your blush will be.”

Ines Borgonjon worked as a senior makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and created Belgium's Beau Monde.
Ines Borgonjon worked as a senior makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and created Belgium’s Beau Monde. © RV

“A soft coral or pink blush with shimmer works more like a highlighter on dark skin. Do you have deep skin and you like to keep it subtle? With a ‘brick-colored’ undertone, or earthy tone. Also choose a bronze shade that also occurs in nature. Could it be anything more striking? Then go for a fresh hue like fuchsia or bordeaux.

The ‘dark academia’ beauty trend became hugely popular thanks to the Netflix series on Wednesday. disgusting descendant of the addams family Everything this trend stands for is included: dark, intellectual, a touch of goth, but always classy.

Ines Borgonjon: “With ‘Dark Academia’ you mainly emphasize the eyes. With an eyeliner you make sure to emphasize its shape even more, a touch of faded eyeshadow under the lower lashes for a mysterious effect produces. Finish off with lots of mascara. To complete the look, you can line your lips with a cool shade of lipstick. I’m thinking of a ‘nude’ shade that matches your skin tone. Have an account.”

Jochen Vanhoudt: “Loves shaggy hairstyles five pointed star And this wolf cut are for daredevils. You can recognize them by their abundant layers, which cause the hair to bounce in all directions. As far as I’m concerned Miley Cyrus was the trendsetter in this a year or two ago.

“In our country it is sharp cut Not very popular at the moment. Makes sense, because in order to get away with this haircut, your clothing style and looks need to match it too. I like the ’70s cut best when it has some movement: not styled too tightly, but with a certain nostalgia.

Because there is a direct line between smells and the parts of your brain that trigger memories, certain smells can affect your emotional state. Perfumer Christophe Lefebvre: “In itself, every perfume is functional, because it can put you in a certain state. There is a young science, ‘aromaculology’, which studies the effect of scents or perfumes on our behavior and emotions.”

Christophe Lefebvre is the perfumer of the Belgian perfume brand Miglot.
Christophe Lefebvre is the perfumer of the Belgian perfume brand Miglot. © VDS

“One of the most important observations is that it is very individual. When we smell something, we send signals from our nose to the brain. Specifically to our limbic brain, where our feelings, memories, and emotions are stored. Over the years you will build up a scent library to which emotionally attached memories are attached.

“The perfume of a loved one will make you feel warm again after years. Conversely, the perfume of someone you don’t quite like might bother you years later, without any immediate reason. Subconsciously, a perfume (whether you want it to or not) will affect your behavior, emotions, and even some choices. Hence you can consider perfume as an ‘invisible personal coach’. Culturally, most people experience citrus scents as uplifting, and vanilla notes as relaxing.

Inflation has been spiraling out of control in recent months, which means we are paying more attention to our money. You can even see this in your makeup bag, where your favorite products like to be multi-purpose, so that they provide value for money. “Luckily, many beauty products are multifunctional anyway,” says makeup artist Ines Borgonjon.

“It’s definitely not just products that are marketed as such that you can use in different ways. For example, I can actually use bronzer as eye shadow or lipstick as blush. Products sold as hybrids, which I really like, are creams with a tint that you can use for your cheeks, lips, and even eyes. Trini London Brand He’s very good at it.”

This article was originally published in Good Sense. The new June issue is in stores now.

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