You must watch this fantastic thriller

film news In 1995, the thriller ‘Scene7N’ was a huge success. The film managed to raise an amount more than ten times the production cost. Watch the film now on HBO Max.

thriller see HBO is on Max. The film has a good cast, good score all over and hence it is one that you must watch.

Deadly Sin

Detective Somerset has seven days left before he retires. He spends his last week on the job with hot-tempered Detective Mills, who has just arrived in town. Together they come across an assassin who works brilliantly. The killer proceeds with the Seven Deadly Sins as his guiding principle. He begins with gluttony and soon allows the rest of the sins to follow.

good score

The film has a score of 8.6/10 on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes’ critics are enthusiastic with an 82% and audiences are even more enthusiastic with a score of 95%.

behind the scenes

We see big names in this successful thriller. We see Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow.
The film was directed by David Fincher. He also has other great achievements to his credit such as gone girl And Amount,

on HBO Max

If you like dark thrillers, Se7en is a must watch movie. Stream the movie on HBO Max.

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